How to purchase a Wilson Tweeters

I need new 1 inch inverted titanum dome tweeters in Willson MAXX 2.
It is impossible to purchase Wilson tweeeters in my country, I have to purchase them from oversea.
Does anyone know what is the brand name of Wilson tweeter or where can I buy them?

Thank you for your input.
They probably need to be bought from Wilson. Even tho they probably were OEM, Wison either modded them or had it done by the OEM. Trying to find them elsewhere will be like looking for a needle in a haystock.
Look to Zalytron, Madisound, and Meniscus for the drivers, one of them carries Focals.
Thanks Porziob, Loontoon.
Loonton, do you mean Wilson use Focal speakers?
Loontoon meant that Wilson sources the tweeter for this speaker from Focal. However, as Porziob pointed out, Wilson modifies the driver in house to their own specifications. Just taking an off the shelf Focal tweeter may prove to be a bad match. Best to contact or Wilson or an authorized Wilson dealer.
I mean that Wilson sources his tweets from Focal. They are rumoured to be modified, but it's still a Focal T(x) 120 series.
Thank you again Loontoon.
Actually I have Wilson WAMM 7. I want to upgrade my troubled tweeters to new tweeters as in the MAXX 2( I heard it is the newest one and same as WATT PUPPY 8).
Do you have more information about these tweeters?

You can`t switch tweeters without modifying the Xover. Even then, with test equipment & expertise, the results will be dubious @ best. YMMV.
Porziob: +1 I agree, the crossovers are designed around the drivers. The the Maxx II and WP 8 received upgraded drivers and upgraded crossovers!

Otherwise there would have been an upgrade for WP7's owners to the new tweeter but sadly there isn't.