How to properly ship a Thoren TD 124

Hello all,
I just bought a vintage Thoren TD 124 off Ebay. Could anyone please give me some suggestions to properly ship this table (with platter and subplatter on or off, spindle in bearing or out of bearing, avoid any possible damages to platters, spindle, bearing..etc) ?

Thanks so much in advance.
if its in great condition, speed is the most important thing. air is always handled better.
The bearing is also EXTREMELY important (unless you plan on re-machining one)...make sure sure that the platter is "floating", that is, spindle in the shaft, but unable to touch bottom (compressed foam, layers of cardboard, styrofoam in a pinch all work), THEN have the guy shrink wrap it until it won't move at all. That will insure a safe delivery should all other factors go right.