How to properly make grounding in power strip

Hello Friend, I am looking for some advice how to make a best grounding route in power bar utilizing Oyaide R1 outlets and housing made of metal. I’m going to make a strip on double US style power sockets.
These sockets have one major difference from Schuko sockets. The metal lugs of the US sockets are directly connected to the grounding holes. So if I screw several US sockets to a metal housing, and the housing itself is connected to ground, all sockets screwed to this housing will be automatically grounded.
It is no longer necessary to route the cable to each socket to the individual terminal. It’s nice, but this solution has little to do with star connection, which I would like to use.
So how to connect the ground:

1. Connect the metal housing to ground in one place and let the sockets ground themselves through their lugs?

2. As in point 1 but add a wire connection for the terminal to each of the sockets?

3. Isolate the lugs of the sockets from the housing and connect the wires in star ground to the each socket? 
4. Do not connect the housing to ground, just connect the sockets with the wires in a star pattern, but let the housing be grounded through the ears of the sockets?

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Well, you could buy Hubbell hospital ground outlets and then use a copper wire to star ground everything.   On the other hand, you have a decent master ground with the metal housings, since they are all tied together.   The only ground noise you will get is the ground current traveling to the earth and neutral connection at the distribution box.  That is the wire connection you need to be focused on.   It might be a thick copper wire or it may not be but it sure isn't zero Ohms!   You will develop a voltage on that wire due to the ground currents.