How to power down a Nuforce DAC-9 by remote?

I hope someone can help. I am a newbie and am trying to figure out how to turn on/off a Nuforce DAC-9 by remote control.
1. Does the remote supplied by Nuforce have an on/off button I have overlooked?
2. Does anyone know the discrete codes that could be used to power Nuforce unit on/off using a programmable URC universal remote control?
3. What is the cheapest device the Nuforce could be plugged into so the Nuforce unit could be controlled by IR or IR to RF using a programmable URC remote control?
I appreciate your efforts and expertise.
Throw the remote at the power switch. That should do it (if you have a good aim).

If you plug the Nuforce's AC cord into a receiver having an AC outlet, powering down the receiver would cause the Nuforce to power down too...

Its probably meant to be left on all the time. Its very common to leave things like CD players, dac's, SS preamps....., powered up for long periods of time. If you're not sure, just ask NuForce. They may even mention this in your owners manual.
C'mon guys,

You'll are letting me down.

I do have 3 programmable remotes (MX-980's) in case I decide to throw a remote at the power button. With the toggle button on the back, I would need a boomerang.

Plugging into the receiver (Krell S-1200u) isn't possible.

Yes, I realize I could leave it powered up, but that's why I posted my question. I thought there we had a group of experts on this site. C'mon Guys!!!!
"Yes, I realize I could leave it powered up, but that's why I posted my question. I thought there we had a group of experts on this site. C'mon Guys!!!!"

I gave you the right answer in my last post. Most SS digital gear is meant to be left on all the time. The idea does make some people nervous so that's why I said to check with NuForce so that you'll have piece of mind. I have 3 CD players; Wadia 861, 302, and an Arcam 33. They all get left on 24/7.
get a smart strip power strip ($25 on amazon) and plug your receiver into the "control" outlet and your dac into a "switched" outlet. that way you can use your receiver remote to turn the dac on and off.
Thanks Loomis.

I appreciate you taking the time in understanding my problem and formulizing a viable solution. I found the Smart strip product as a wonderful alternative if IR control for power functions cannot be established.

As for as whether leaving DAC's on 24/7 will "probably" always be a topic of discussion with "most" people disagreeing. Although I have emailed Nuforce, I realize their information will be a recommendation and not always the "right" answer.
Utrxdlr --

I have the NuForce DAC-9 myself, and it's been running 24/7 for about 3 years now. Possibly being a bit blunt about this, but still: except any worries one might have about power consumption, a specified meager 9 watts - at most, what is there to disagree about leaving the DAC-9 on permanently? At this low level of heat production the electronics are better off being left on at all times, and moreover the clock's crystal oscillator (and in effect: the sound quality) should benefit from this since it is claimed they can take days to stabilize fully. Initially I did contact NuForce about the same matter, and they recommended I left the DAC-9 powered up permanently - if it's any consolation.

My bid of "expertise" is therefore simply this: just power up the DAC-9, leave it on, forget about it, and enjoy the music.