How to power?

Run a HT Sys. Run stereo for music. (Mac mini). Have two W4S amps, st500 and st1000. Just add'd mono sx1000. Have Sunfire tga w/ 5 chan @400.
All spkrs are set up for bi-amp. So. I've got five channels to feed, and 10 power outlets.
Thinking of removing Sunfire, use 1000's cross front and 500 for rears. Only to free up cab. space and reduce cab. weight.
Other thought is use "carvers voltage" on bass, feed top range 1000, center mono 1000. Then bi amp/ or not surrounds .. Thk n outloud, any ideas be appreciated
Biamp Sx1000 top/St1000 bottom for 2Ch mains/music giving 1kW/ch/8Ohms; ST500 for rears; TGA for surrounds no need to biamp neither surrounds or rears.
K. Thank you for input.
My opinion: Carvers are loud as hell but no definition and limited range. The Sunfire will have cleaner, tighter low bass and crisp highs. If 400wpc can't cut a bigger sub.
The mentioned "carvers voltage" is refered to Sunfire TGA and Sunfire is Carver's high-definition brand which is one of the most successfull in music and HT set ups. I personally use Sunfire SRA for music and still couldn't find unit that would compete at given price.

As far as I've been reading the post there were nothing mentioned about the sub. I believe that with power houses like that it should be a monster with 3...4kW sub amp.
k, spkrs are Polk Lsi25 front/mains- Center lsi-c- Hav 2 subs- Polk psw1000... and ...Monster surround Sl100 w/sub 200- and in all fairness no issue with sound- jus' lookin for different ideas..gatta luv' this hobby!
also- In lust with my Sunfire TGA-shes' always been good to me-
..and while i'm at it- why (normally) not alot of love for Polk?...