How to Position Speakers in a Square-ish Room

How would one arrange speakers in say, a 10x10 or 10x12 room?
If you go to, and download the 5A owners manual, it goes into a very comprehensive description of speaker placement. If you follow Richards directions, you will be pleased.
Tough one..I gave up on a 13' square room and move into a large room.Cardas has a decent setup procedure on their website..Try that but dont get your hopes up too high..Also acoustic panels will help some especially on the first reflection points
I suggest taking your basic standard equilateral triangle placement and rotating it in the horizontal plane somewhat, such that your setup ends up somewhere in between "square" and "diagonal". This should smoothe the bass relative to a symmetrical setup. If your room is rectangular rather than square, then you could try a true diagonal setup.

The more nearfield you listen, the less the relative influence of the room. So you might try a nearfield variation of this quasi-diagonal setup, if you have the freedom to do so.

Credit to Audiogon member Clio09 for educating me on quasi-diagonal nearfield setups; I wouldn't have thought to try what he's doing.