How to play Pandora on mini without a monitor

I would like to play Pandora on my main system{ mac mini to usb dac.} I don't want to hook up my projector everytime i want to start up Pandora. Is there an easier way to do this?
I was able to answer my own question thanks to the tips of Robr45. I now have Pandora up and running and fully controlled from my Touch using Airfoil and VNC viewer. I just started a new thread with more detail.

Thanks to all. This has been an ongoing frustration now fully resolved.
This is the right place for me to learn about Internet Radio. I used HD radio, Zune HD with no satisfaction abt SQ.

Recently, I bought the HP netbook 210110Nr and registered with Pandora for $36.00 a year. I used the old Yamaha DSPA1 with a $10.00 Y cable from RadioShack and the speakers are the old Mirage SFX7 floor standing.I am pretty pleased with the SQ.

Would you guys think the HTR Music Steamer Dac will worth the investment? Any idea of any better Y RCA cable than the one from RS? Thank you.
I can almost guarantee a better y adapter will not make an audible improvement to the sound. However, if it makes you feel better get one from audioquest or transparent.