How to play Pandora on mini without a monitor

I would like to play Pandora on my main system{ mac mini to usb dac.} I don't want to hook up my projector everytime i want to start up Pandora. Is there an easier way to do this?
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All you need to do is go to the app store and search "vnc". There are plenty of them- I use a free one and it works fine. I will post later today which one. Setup is easy- just google it and make sure that you are using instructions for the proper OS. OSX 10.x has the vnc server built in so there is no additional software to load on the MAC.

I calibrate my DRC remotely via VNC so it can be quite capable.
Just to clarify

VNC has two pieces; the server and the client.

Itouch/iphone is the client- this is a free app download from the app store.

OSX has the server built in. All you need to do is enable it and point the client that runs on the itouch/phone to the internal IP assigned to the mini by your router. OSX will display this for you in network settings.

What you will see afterwards is literally your mini desktop appear on your itouch.

Also- I have a vista PC that also has a VNC client and this is how I do maintenance on the mini. Add applications, etc.
Wow. Thanks for the detailed info Robr45. I will try it tommorrow when i get home from work. Can't wait!!

I have just started to set up my mac mini and just implemented the VNC screen sharing you recommended. You just flat out made my day. Thanks so much. I can now turn off my server from upstairs, use Pandora, Classicalarchives, and control everything I wanted to. You're a prince.