How to physically move large heavy 100lb amplifiers easily (up and downstairs)

Ideally with only one person, but even with 2 especially if there are stairs involved, how can I move this gear without breaking my back or hurting myself?
Hand cart/dolly might make the most sense. One step at a time.
Or - - find someone with a strong back and a weak mind - ; )
Need two, one under each arm.. or strapped, backpack style,  up the stairs I go.. Just have someone behind you, or tie a rope around your neck.. If you drop the amp, you'll want to jump..... pretty sure on that.

The box it came in strapped to a skit, and "skit it" up the steps, set on your butt and pull hand over hand, with a helper, tie the rope around their neck..  They won't mess up. Just once anyways..

If you don't have the ability. block and tackle, + Skit, is an easy way too...

OR like two people moving a person in a stretcher, two 2X4" 6-8 footers.

I took 375 pounders DOWN a spiral staircase, with a movers back strap. Took less than 10 minutes for the pair.. 30 minutes of prep... holding to rope rails with knots.. one step at a time. 12 steps a flat, 11 steps to the bottom.. 20" arms and 25" thigh, steroids do works. :-)

The easiest way is to invest in long speaker cables. 
My amp is 100Lbs.  The face has no protruding buttons etc and the back has 2 serious handles.  Once I got it to the bottom of the stairs, I stood on a stair step, swung it between my legs and up, one step at a time.  When I got to the top I did the same setting it down with each step along the carpeted floor.  Use your legs not you back.  If you don't have the handles this aint gonna happen.
Good luck.  -John
An elevator would do the trick. I think they run about 50k. Or perhaps some type of dumb waiter if the budget or space is limited.
 Yeah, use the straps but invest in half a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and make the "perfect platform" for the amp (trimming required).
Buy a hand truck; it's cheaper than physiotherapy. 

Kent English of Pass Labs once had to move BIG amps up a flight of stairs. He walked them up it (in boxes, obviously), end over end. Not the easiest, but doable - as long as you don't let it slip!  
A keg is a lot bigger and heavier than an amp, and we were able to carry one cross-country with two people just about any distance over just about any terrain. We took an empty 50 lb onion or potato sack and stuck a dowel (broom stick) through each side. You could make one out of an old pillow case, or a large bath towel or two. Mine we called the beer stretcher. You have permission to call yours the amp ambulator.
Hand truck or end over end in their boxes.Either one is not difficult if you're slow and careful.
A hand truck with pneumatic tires. You also NEED one or two CAMLOCK STRAPS to hold the item to it.
i was pondering tonight... what are friends for?  then i saw your thread  :)
imhififan actually posted a link to a very unique hand-truck.  I actually have not seen one like this.  The problem with most hand-trucks, even if they have large pneumatic tires, is that you still have to have an enormous amount of lift to get the hand-truck up each step.

This hand-truck from northerntool has a 3-wheel rotating assembly.  Watch the video in that page.  It's worth $100.

It actually looks like it's back-ordered on Northern Tool.  It's also available on ebay for $99 + $22 shipping.  Just search for "Strongway Stair Climber Hand Truck".

There are other places on the web that sell similar 3-wheel hand-trucks.
+2 on northerntool, but if not then a regular one much less chance of hurting your back than these other ideas , particularly the " amp ambulator ".
In five weeks I'll be moving our stuff from storage to a new house.  My audio room is the "bonus room" above the garage, about 15 steps up from the main level.  My amp weighs 110# out of the box, speakers are 122# and subwoofers are 133# each.  I've hired movers and walked thru the move with the owner, so he'd understand what's involved.

After the boxes are hoofed up the steps, getting my son & son-in-law to help me unbox the components and get them up on the stand.

I guess the next step is an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon?
I agree with those that suggest a hand cart that's made to climb stairs. As suggested one or two additional straps are necessary to keep the item being transported in place. My hand cart has an additional extension that folds down increases the size of the platform from 18" wide x 6" long to 22" long. I've used this to move heavy amps and very large, heavy speakers up and down long flights of steps. No problem. It's surprising how you will use it for moving many other items at home etc.
My friend got a hernia from helping me move a Mark Levenson 336 up 2 flights of winding staircase.

Be wise hire a mover.

Best of luck!
Longer this thread goes, with all good suggestions, more correct geoffkait seems to have been. (Sell the amp, buy a Discman.)

(no matter what they charge, it is worth it)
Dolly with padding and straps or duct tape. I don't know how any household does not have a dolly.
"A keg is a lot bigger and heavier than an amp, and we were able to carry one cross-country with two people just about any distance over just about any terrain."

After a long head-scratching period, one has to admit there are bragging rights in the disclosure above.
Just don’t.

The risk of physical injury to either yourself or the amplifier by far outweighs any imaginary sonic benefits you might be hoping for.

As Clint Eastwood might say, ’A man’s gotta know his limitations.’

If you insist on being hardheaded, and as a fellow audiophile I would understand if in your search for audio nirvana you did, you could always follow in the alleged footsteps of Prince and his piano and employ the services of a giant crane.

There’s an example of someone doing just that here.
Sound advice cd318
I like that hand cart on Northern Tool, but the video shows it going up the stairs without a load. Why wouldn't they show the guy with the boxes try to use it going up the stairs with the boxes? (even if the boxes are empty).
"Why wouldn't they show the guy with the boxes try to use it going up the stairs with the boxes? (even if the boxes are empty)."

If the boxes are empty, they may fall, if they are full he may not be able to pull the cart up?
Carry one amp with your left hand and the other with your right.  It's super important that you maintain your balance and not get your spine out of alignment.  Also bound up the stair steps two at a time to cut the total number of steps in half.

Just ask your wife or girlfriend to do it ;-D
With the right tool, a piece of cake!
For heavy hauling, I ask the neighbor kids.  Both college football players.  For a 100 pound amp they would ask which one should come over to help.  
Hire a couple of college kids--they need the $$!

Okay troops, how do you do it if there is no carton as in an in-home audition of a preowned amp, say a large Krell or Pass 350?

I actually have 100lb Emotiva XPR-1 amps that I move around when I rebuild them.  I use a standard hand-truck, but put a small hand-towel on the bottom plate.  Tilt the amp on so that it is on it's side and wiggle it onto the towel.  Strap the amp to the hand-truck if necessary. 
Hah, I watched those videos imhififan.  There was another video that came up just after it:

The Northern tool 3-wheel type can help climb stairs, but it appears that it's harder to turn/rotate this type of hand truck.  A hand truck with big tires and sliders appears to work better overall.  An example:

Used this to move 200lb+ Wilsons and Egglestonworks up 3 flights of stairs (27 steps). You’d still need 2 people (one to pull, one to make sure it wouldn’t go backward) and some ties.

The base of this cart is pretty wide.

IMHO way better than hiring 2 kids + $20 and have their backs injured, and/or drop your stuff.

You never said how many stairs. If a straight shot (as we used to say in Chicago), You could buy 2-3 sheets of 3/8 plywood and lay them on the stairs (connected with "menders"). Just tie some cloths line around the box and sprinkle some talc on the chute to lessen friction. Just drag the sucker up the stairs (amp in box of course, two people better than one).

"Carry one amp with your left hand and the other with your right. It's super important that you maintain your balance and not get your spine out of alignment. Also bound up the stair steps two at a time to cut the total number of steps in half."

Yes. This is ridiculous. Injuries are 
difficult to get over once you're over 40. After 50 they can threaten to become permanently debilitating.

Even months and sometimes years of rehab can't fully erase the damage a moment's carelessness can do.

Please be careful. 

You'd be far better off practising stretching, improving blood and oxygen circulation and getting enough sleep to heal damage as best you can.

No one tells you, so I'm telling you.
Great Post!
It looks like those 6 wheel carts aren't up to the job.
I'll look for one with the skids.
Seriously, in an arena where $5k components are considered just "good", why skimp when it comes to moving components? Hire professional piano movers for heavy amplifiers and loudspeakers.  They know how to move large, awkwardly shaped and heavy objects carefully.  It will cost in the $200-500 range.

You could also look at it from a different perspective.  In motorcycling if your bike tips over the rider should be able to get it upright without anyone else's help.  If you can't, then maybe you should get a smaller motorcycle.  Same goes for audio equipment.  There's plenty of great sounding equipment out there that will still break your bank account, but not your back.
If you can't lift 100 lbs by yourself - then you need another person besides wifey/gf/daughter who is strong enough and won't drop it.  I once tried to take a Proceed 5 ch amp (~100 lbs) up a floor. The problem with the amp was that all the weight was in the front and it almost took my toe off, luckily I was able to slowly lower the amp to the floor without damaging it. Amps that weigh ~ 100 lbs are meant to be stationary. Handcarts etc can be handy, but if it rolls own the stairs and knocks your granny over, its pretty much over.
You people live in a world where neighborhood teenagers will help with menial tasks for $10 or $20?  Wow. 
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When we get older, install one of those to transport our-self and equipment.

If there was an Army Field Manual on it, it would say that Soldier B would grab the other handle and up the stairs the two of you would go.  The good sense civilian approach would, it seems, be similar.
Yes. This is ridiculous. Injuries are
difficult to get over once you're over 40. After 50 they can threaten to become permanently debilitating.
Well said!
LOL You can cut the weight in half by just STARTING. That’s half the job..

I’m just glad it’s not heavy, really. Folks have talk you into it being heavy, it’s not. It’s 100 pounds... OK...

You got your skinny butt, or your FAT butt, or (if one butt cheek is bigger than the other) off the couch, chair, or bucket, to go relieve yourself, now go the extra 15 feet and move towards the AMP... MOVE towards the amp... OP.....

NOW put your hands on the amp....

Push the amp... IT moves 2" INCHES good , your halfway there! YUP your halfway there. NOW if you want the other HALF, that’s gonna cost ya, this is a UNION job, there is a slow down, at the negotiation table...

COVID, guidelines clearly state........................LOL ;-)

Enjoy the new stuff.. I just got a bunch of new GSR Planar Neo3, and 10s. Play time for me... 10 @ 111.00 for neo 10 planar drivers.. Oh yea.. Even a price break... 

New monitors coming up...

Get your wife to move it!
Seriously though; I'm lucky as I'm still able to move up to 200 lbs. by myself. I just carried two Pioneer speakers up a long flight of stairs. I was huffing and puffing a bit, I admit.
I can't see hiring two young people to do the job. I can picture it already. BANG, BUMP! DROP!
 I have a scar on my arm from where my Pass 250.8 heat sinks dug in when I picked it up.Oh the dangers of being an audiophile/
I have similar problems moving equipment from my lab to my music room. Forty pounds with a dolly is my absolute limit. For the 90 pound platter and 100 pound speakers, ALWAYS use movers. ALWAYS.