how to pass 1080p

Can you pass a 1080p signal via component or does this only work with a hdmi cable? What specs do you need to look for on a receiver to esnure it can pass a full HD signal either 1080i or 1080p?

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Fred12 - component is an analog therefore you can pass anything but quality won't be as good as HDMI.
While there have been some hacks to modern gear to allow 1080p to pass on component, I don't know of anything that can display it.

You need to use HDMI, even DVI-D won't do 1080p.
It is my understanding that in fact component will pass 1080P on any signal that is not copy protected, which to date, is most of them. All of the stuff that comes with the audio might be another matter as those of us who rely on an extermal DAC can't get the full digital BluRay audio over toslink or coax digital.