How to pack rega planar 3 for safe shipping

I need a help. I might be getting a Rega Planar 3 turntable from a novice on turntable. I am not far from novice either.
A knowledgealbe audiophile would remove the platter, the cover and tonearm, and separately pack them in a box. Also, there may be a screw at the bottom to tighten up for secure shipping. Is there step by step instructions with figures to safely pack Rega Planar 3?
My previous two turntables packed by novice arrived with damaged cartridges/stylus and broken hinges/cover. I want to make sure it would not happen again this time.
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I'm not familiar with the Rega, but definitely remove all parts that are easy to remove. Including the Platter, Tonearm (remove the weight from the arm too), dust cover. If there is a provision for a transport screw (there may not be) secure it.

It is possible to ship it with the tonearm installed, but if you do this, it's imperative that the weight be removed, the arm be locked in it's cradle, and that there be some protection to prevent the arm from bearing any load or shock. If it's easy to remove, I would do so. When packing the arm, extra care should be taken not to break the lift tab from the headshell, or damage the cuing lever. The arm, dust cover, and table, mus, must, must be separately boxed. These 3 boxes can then be packed in one larger box with the table on the bottom.

Here's a link to The Turntable Factory packing instructions which are a very good guide.

Do they have the original box and packing material? Are they the original owner, in other words, were they the ones to originally unpack it? The Rega gets packed with arm installed but counter weight, platter and dust cover removed. There is no transport screw but there is a bit of cardboard that slips between the sub platter and the plinth. They all fit into one box assuming you have the appropriate packing material.
Thanks for your comment and the link. Certainly it would help a lot.

Thanks Piedpiper. No, the guy does not have an original box. Basically I need to instruct the guy how to pack, but I don't know much about Rega Planar 3 either.
I think the instruction given is detailed enough to follow for most novices. Thanks again.
Here is something for Rega's
I know this is old thread but for others searchning for this I found the following is better