How to pack Cain Abby speakers

I still have the crate but can't figure out how they were packed. I'm in the middle of moving out of state. Can anyone help. All I remember is the bases come off.

Thanks, Dean
Yeh the bass comes off. They go mirrored in the same crate. All you need is some bubble wrap and I recommend some of that stretch wrap. Comes in a roll and Uhaul it has it. Use that to hold the bubbles in place. The bubbles protect the drive and both ends. Don't need many in the middle.
It's all wrapped in bubble wrap using the stretch wrap. Mine had the bases mounted when they shipped - lot of bubble wrap around the bases too, although you have to be careful not to make it too thick as otherwise the speakers won't fit next to each other in the crate.

I wish the Abbys would have come with a foam fitted to the crate - they are a real pain to move and it too about 4-5 hours to pack them properly last time. Last time I moved cross country in Canada.
Try moving IM-Bens w/ super tweeter pods and no crates - Stressful
maybe you can find someone who still has the crates for their Bens who would sell them to your or loan them to you if you pay shipping to/from for the empties ... might be the best way to move them safely!