How to output TV audio through my speakers

Hi yall,

I need some help with something and would love some advice...

I have a Rogue Audio Sphinx with ELAC speakers. I typically use my sphinx for my turn table and playing music from my lap top (aux cord). However, I am trying to figure out how to output the tv sound from my ELAC speakers and not my (crappy) TV audio... 
The sphinx does not have a HDMI outlet. I tried using RCA audio cables from my tv to my sphix but that is not working. Is there a HDMI converter that could work with my sphinx? 
Specifics are welcome including products!!!!

First thing, do you have stereo analog outs on your TV?  If so, you just have to tell your TV to switch audio. 

If you do not, and you have a digital out, then you need a DAC.
TV RCA out into Rogue Line In should work. Make sure its TV RCA out and Rogue Line In. If its connected right and no signal then check your TV menu and manual to make sure RCA line out is selected. 

If none of that works then yes there is a simple HDMI to RCA adaptor you can use to go from the TV HDMI to RCA Line In on the Rogue.
There is also an HDMI Audio Extractor on Amazon.It inserts between the Hdmi run to  your TV[you need another HDMI Cable] and it has RCA Outs to run to your Amp/Receiver