How to order Wally Tools...

I'm potentially interested in ordering a wallytractor. I've called the number on his web site several times, but never an answer. I've left two messages, and no one returns my calls. I'm curious as to how one properly places an order. Alternately, I've now seen posts here on the Mint protractor. Is that a worthy alternative? Tks.

I have read about nothing but problems with people even getting his product after payment was made.Stay away,far away.
You may want to do a search and read the horror stories.
Just my 2 cents.
he is not a crook, he will get you your items eventually, but it takes a long, long time, and if you have questions getting him to answer them takes a long, long, long time.

But they do work well. I think it is a side business of his, just a hobby, because he is not the world's best business man.
I would call and say that you want to go C.O.D.

Curious-how long can someone hold onto your money, without providing a product, before he *is* "a crook"? This poster had been waiting five years up to the time of his post. At this point, he's probably been waiting six years, and that's not an unusual story.

From all indications, the 'Mint' is a great product, with wonderful and personalized service. This is really a no brainer-Wally should be avoided at all costs.
Agree with the above. Wally has shot himself in the foot as far as losing the tonearm/cartridge alignment business to someone willing to provide an equally good product with quick dependable shipping - Mint LP. It's best to contact Wally only by phone and be very persistant if you really want his products. Good luck.
I met Wally years ago at an audio show. He seemed like a good guy, a bit scattered but his devices make sense. The guy needs help to run a successful business.
I ordered a Wally Tractor about a year ago. Believe it or not, Wally answered the phone and took my order after which I sent a check. Six months later, no Tractor, no telephone answer, and Wally never cashed my check.............but, I found one for sale right here and bought it at the asking price. My bank went out of biz so Wally's check..........again, never cashed........became worthless. So, if you never cash a check and never make delivery, can you call him a crook? His product is great, but he definitley is an oddball. I know that's unusual to find in high end audio.
Cashed my check and no product.

Many emails to him but no response. I gave up.

This is a few years ago now.

If I can't trust him, I can't trust his product. How do we know that they are accurate? He does not care, does he?
Don't order from Wally. He has been nothing but trouble. If he is in business he should act like a business man and deliver your order in a prompt and timely manner. Wally does not do this so don't waste your time and effort.
That said, I am waiting now for my MintLP protractor, which I was told would be a 5 week wait. Better, but not great.
I must be the lucky one. I actually got my WallyTractor for VPI 10.5 arm in a week. That was a few years ago also.
It was when he first offered the product, but I got my Wallytractor within two weeks and it was ordered through a dealer. It's a terrific product!
Maybe Wally just ignores jerks?
If you act like a duck, and walk like a duck NO WALLY for YOU!!
And if he's in a good mood, your call is nice, and you ask politely, you get a WALLY right away.
I like Wally. I think he is a great guy with the right business model for himself.
(why does he have to kiss YOUR arse?)
Anyway: Go Wally!!!!
Elizabeth - Why would you even post that? "Go Wally!!!!" What purpose would that have other than to pour salt in peoples wounds?

"the right business model for himself."

Well, add me to the list of people who tried to buy a Wally Tractor a couple years ago. I sent him an email, he emailed back saying he had them in stock, I mailed a check and waited... a few months went by, and I sent several *polite* emails and tried to reach him by phone... nothing.

He may or may not be a "great guy" personally, but avoid him like the plague with regards to any business transaction. Completely despicable service, and frankly a crook.
So, in the World According To Elizabeth, it's okay for someone to defraud you, if he follows two simple precepts:

a) He's a nice guy

b) He doesn't think you're nice enough

In this weird, parallel universe, all crooks are meanies, and all people who've been ripped off are anti-social miscreants who deserved everything they got.

Interesting 'logic' Elizabeth-I swear, sometimes I wonder if you and Teresa are the same person.
Maybe Elizabeth, Teresa, and Wally are all the same person. ROMY! :-)
Anyone that holds money hostage should be put in jail. Just get a Mint LP. I never thought I'd buy anything from Hong Kong, but Yip answers emails, and is also helpful. Shipping dates are shown on his website and you receive the tool as promised. It also works very well. Who cares about attitude? When the seller gets your money he should either ship right then or return your money. No BS.
Quite a while back I ordered three "Wally Tractors". The only way I FINALLY got delivery was to ask a good personal friend of mine, and also a personal friend Wally's, to call and ask about my order. I received it a about a week or so later.
Unless you're a personal friend of my personal friend:-) I suggest you look elsewhere for your needs.

The saying goes," If you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything at all." ---------- so much for sayings!

I certainly am curious to know if "Elizabeth" on these posts is in fact, Wally? If not, Elizabeth must be a member of executive management at AIG. Based on her post, I can't think of anyone with more contempt for the general public. BTW, is everyone posting here aware of the fact that Wally actually showed up for a Los Angeles Audio Society meeting a couple of months ago? Now that's a brave man indeed!
Count me among those bewildered by Elizabeth's post. He might be quirky, or even flaky, but if he cashes your check and doesn't send you a product, I call him a thief.

I should say that he has never taken my money. I offered it to him once via e-mail but he never responded.

So how many people have in fact been stiffed by Wally? If there are enough of you out there, band together and call a lawyer. Also, those who have been defrauded should consider an e-mail to Stereophile or Michael Fremer at his Musicangle site. Mr. Fremer pitches Wally's products on his turntable setup video, and probably wouldn't continue to do so on future videos, if he knew of this problem.

Anyway, I also got the mintLP protractor about 4 months ago. Got it in a week. Either Yip has become much busier lately (MacdadTexas 5 week wait), or protractors for some tables take longer. He probably keeps some stock available for my model (VPI Scoutmaster w/JMW-9) since it's a very popular table.

I am a very nice person, and I talked several times to Wally, and it still took him 12weeks to get an item he said he had in stock.

But then he never called me back to help me out when I had a question.

Elizabeth, you seem to have issues so repeat after me, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me!"
I put up my money, order a proven product, then wait for how long?

In today's economy, If I pay today I better get the goods tomorrow, if not I'm dealing with the wrong company.

Thoughts from a guy that owns a company that depends on the housing market :-)

So how much is this Wally Tractor? Sounds like instead of a lawyer being consulted, the FBI should be notified....
Cost varies-starts at 150.00, but can easily be several hundred, depending on what and how many tools you 'buy'. He's got a web site detailing all this.