How to optimize Window 7 with Media Monkey?


I am currently update my PC from Window XP to Window 7. Here are my PC audio setup:

PC > Empirical Freeway 2 > Audio Note Dac

I reliazed Window 7 is still pretty new. Have anyone of you play with it yet? I appreciate any setup tips for sound quality optimization. Thanks.
If Media Monkey had/ has a WASAPI plug in. It would be as
simple as selecting it in your output devices in Media
monkey and pressing the play button.

FWIW I just recently found out "Windows 7 gets Dolby Digital
Plus support in the Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise,
and Ultimate editions".

The article states "This means that playback of multichannel
audio streams found in DVDs, HD DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and
select HD broadcasts will be decidable by the native
software in the operating system".

Very cool indeed for those that use this with their HT
systems as well. This would be great for a kid's room or
office. No receiver/processor decoding necessary. Plug up a
mini system to the PCs analog audio outputs and let it rip!

The SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio setup menu is pretty
cut and dry if you want to play with settings. It allows you
to pick and test what sampling rates are usable with your