How to open the cover of Cary 306-200 CD player

Hi all,
I want to install Hi-Fi Tuning fuse inside the Cary 306-200 but don't know how to open the cover.
There are no sign of screw head, but there are 2 holes at back corners with "warranty void if remove" stickers.
Wonder what type of screw it uses ? Beyond these holes are space (empty)
Please help
I just did this on my Cary 306 SACD and it was difficult. Through those holes on the bottom, use a #1 x 6" phillips head screw driver to unscrew the very tiny screws at the bottom of the case and then the top plate slides off. The hardest part is putting the scews back in. You have to kinda stick them in place with a little lite grease and hope they stay there until you slide the top plate back on and screw the screws back in. Good luck