How to open Clearaudio preamp case?

My Clearaudio Balance has developed a crackle in the right channel, so I thought I'd open it up and have a look around the PCB to see if it was as simple as a bad solder point. I can't figure out how to open the thing. I've removed the bottom screws and figured the back plate would slide out of the enclosure. I don't want to force things. The face plate wiggles a bit but I'm not brave enough to put too much pressure on it unless I'm told that it'll pop off with some spring clips or something.

Does anyone know how to get this thing open to look inside?
Try pulling the knobs off first. If it still won't go, remove all of the screws on the rear plate that hold things like the xlr jacks, and anything else. All of them. Then unscrew the phono ground. And finally, unscrew the nuts that hold the rca jacks in place. After everything is disconnected, try pulling it out the front, like you would do if you were removing a car stereo.