How to open a Peachtree Nova?

I like to change the tube in Peachtree Nova but can't find the way to open it. Somebody help me?

Thanks in advance.

I have the Peachtree Decco and if the construction is the same the way you do it is to take out the screws that hold the feet to the case. That will free the outer case from the interior metal case and allow you to slide the interior out from the rear by pushing on the front.

On my Decco a thin line of the exterior finish around the rear edges was acting as a glue to hold the two together even after the screws were removed but I was able to work it free.

Thanks for your reply!!!!!!
You're welcome. It baffled me for awhile.

If the Nova is like the Decco and has an obnoxiously bright LED under the center of the tube socket you can put a couple of drops of fingernail polish on the LED to tone it down or change the color. The Decco has a bright yellow LED which looks nothing like the real glow of a tube but I put two coats of dark red polish on it, waiting for the first one to dry before applying the second, and the result is a much nicer, soft orange.

I swapped the tube in the Decco for a Telefunken 7DJ8/PCC88, which works fine, but I can't honestly say I can hear much difference between it and the stock tube. Since the 7DJ8/PCC88 tubes work just as well as the 6DJ8, and they're often easier to find at reasonable prices, you might consider them for tube rolling.
Be careful when you do this... if your unit is gloss black the paint chips VERY easily on the edges as you slide the unit out of the cabinet.
Sfar, THANK you for this info. I'm giving that irritating LED a pedicure tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm thinking of buying fingernail polish in bulk and selling tiny bottles of it here as 'Stanley's Stereophile LED Liquid' for $69 an ounce. Think there's a market?

I'm getting good at the process. I bought a Jolida FX10 which has six tubes, each with a bright blue LED underneath. It's a great little amp and it no longer blinds me after having the LED's turned to a deep purple by that same dark red polish.
I don't think there's a market unless you cryo it first.

Those FX10 LEDs were a dealbreaker for me - glad you got that amp fixed too!
Great point. I think a week in my freezer should easily add $30 to the value.

I know what you mean about the FX10. If I'd seen it powered up first I probably never would have bought it but I'm glad I did. It's a wonderful sounding little amp and exactly what I was looking for. I may have to put a third coat on those LED's, though. What were they thinking?
I unsrewed the feet of the Nova yesterday. I can not slide the interior out of the case even push very hard from the front.I don't want to push too hard to damage the machine.Frustrated!!!!!

I would guess that the finish at the back edge of the exterior case is overlapping the edges of the interior case. That's why Danlib1 cautioned to be careful in chipping the finish. If you really want to get the case open you may have to use an Xacto knife or something similar to trim back the finish beyond the edges of the interior case.

I think the Decco I have is a great sounding integrated with a lot of flexibility but part of the reason it's so reasonably priced is that the construction isn't first-rate. I expect the same thing is true of the Nova.
I have a Nova and changed the tube. I removed all the external screws and gently pushed from the rear, not the front.

Hope this helps,
Rgwris, is correct, push from the rear, not the front. That said, even then it did take some force for mine to slide out. It helps if you have a second pair of hands there to grab a hold of the unit as it slides out, so you don't put any pressure on the case and possibly damage it.
You can give a call to this guy if you dont want to make it yourself,

David Richardson

I think he works for Peachtree Audio. Somebody suggested me before.
I do slide the interior by pushing from the back .Like Danlib1 mentioned , the paint chipped on the front edges.I ruined the case and it's the price of tubing the Nova. Damn it!!!!
Vsfang; do you have the chips? A little elmer's white glue applied judiciously did the trick for me. The 2 chips glued right back in place and you can't even see where it happened. The Nova is wonderful, but the black lacquer hanging over the case lip is a ridiculous oversight in manufacturing. Obviously I was not the only guy that had the issue.
Is retubing the Nova really necessary? I mean those small tubes they use do last a very long time. It's not like power output tubes that have a much more limited life span. All the effort and risk of damaging the case is likely not worth it if the tube is working, right? I'm thinking about getting a nova so I ask this question. Last think I would want to do is have to open the case and retube the thing.