How to obtain, much better sound?

Shalom Folks!

I live in "Terra Santa"...Israel.

My "Comeback" to tubes equipment, was thanks to my passed away "Music Lover" audiophile, who ask to his lovely widow to give me his Stereo tube equipment, as his widow..., never demonstrate bay sympathy for Music.
I receive an a ARC/SP-9 Mk-2, together with a Dynaco Stereo 70 Series 2 by Panor,all together was acquired by my passed away friend during 1990.
As I return back after obtaining the items, I decided to change all the tubes, by NOS ones.
In the Dynaco power, instead the "National;" brand ""Made in E.Germany""", ones and those Chinese drivers 6GH8A, trough E-bay, I obtain from a nice guy, 4 Raytheon (Made in Japan), completely new 6GH8A tubes and from another who sell all his "Guitar" inventory, a matched quad JJ-E34L tubes, not NOS, after less of a month some Old friend call me to came to his home and to take 50 used NOS EL-34 tubes. I went, came with all the "Trash"..., my wife was very very angry, "DON'T CAME INSIDE MY HOME WITH ALL THIS TRASH", I leaved in my car and next morning when she went to work I quickly brought all the tubes, and begun to test with my Lovely Hickok 539c... took me near 12 hours till I finished!
Mostly of the 50 tubes were extremely well used and measure extremely low. Of 50... I have funded 3 quads = 12 tubes!!! All Mullards branded Philips/Trovac & Mullard, one double ring getter, and all the rest single
ring getter. Till here is my "History"... Now I need very badly your "Expertise Advise", if...? from any, "Erudite"; who so kindly will read my letter.
I plug one of such perfectly matched (with my HicKok instrument) quad, mixed Philips/Trovac/Mullards, and after two weeks of happy listening..., this morning one of the Philips...REFUSE to be biased!, the led where two tubes were plugged, came being "Crazy"..., SO I rush and turn OFF my power, and after a pain decision I refitted my Dynaco with these "Brand New" JJ-E34L tubes, turn on the power, wait 1/2 hour, till stabilize and with no music, make "Bias" to the tubes, till the two led on each side lids equally.
NOW..., came the history...!
The "Sweet" sound CHANGED..., came much more
"Unpleasant"... highly and less bodied that when the used NOS were fitted! Maybe..., (I really hope...?), after a week of use will change to more likely "Mullards"...?, I listen each day 10 hours, for that I'm speaking till a week will pass.

OK...I hope that you are not tired reading this letter, if yes..., my heart fully apologies. For end this letter..., I think to select for the "Phono" tube inside my SP-9/2, instead the actually fitted Siemens CCa, another that all of you can advise me for make my Phono Stage much less harsh!!!

PS... Sorry... All my problem is only using my Turntable!, for the Line from the beginning I fitted a Amperex White label 6922 PQ made in USA., NOS that I have a few completely brand new un-used. Only for the Phono stage to avoid "Microphonics"...I select a Siemens CCa. Again, with the Used Mixed Mullards sound Amazing..., Now with those JJ-E34L it's HORRIBLE!; completely No musically at all!. I want to leave those JJ, because are completely news, and "Tune"...with the right tube the Phone stage in my SP-9/2.

Thanks in advance for the time that you take reading my letter!

Waiting for your kindly advise!

Regards..., from Israel

You might want to try some Svetlana EL34's - in my amp they were neutral to warmish, good bass and did not have etched highs. I preferred this greatly over the older Tesla EL34's and E34L's. Also they were very reliable - had many die a quiet death from use, but none died prematurely (I did not have such a pleasant experience with the Tesla's.
I tend to agree with the Svetlanas EL34.' I like them a lot also.
You may want to try Tube World which has Cry'od Svetlana EL 34 Quads at a reasonable fee. This maybe a good choice over the frustration of NOS tubes...
Hello Folks!

First of all thanks, seems me that I will order a matched quad Svetlanas soon!

However for YET...! any advise on more musically 6DJ8/6922/7308 family tubes!, for "TUNE" my Phono Stage, on my SP-9 series 2 preamp.

Be in touch...

I'm not sure what sound your lookiing for, but if its the classic warmth many seem to prefer I don't think you will find in in the SP9II. I use NOS 6h23's in my ARC. I find them neutral in tone, clear and detailed. If you want warmth in a new production tube you can try the EI 6dj8EG - the only problem is that they can go noisy early in some preamps - they did in my ARC. I also like the Tesla's but they also seem to have a higher threshold for noise in my preamp - I like them a lot in my amps.
As far as the sp9 mk2,I had one awhile back and if my memory sevres me right I switched the stock tube to a Gold Aero (platinum Yugoslavian ). They worked well for me,getting a warmer sound than the brightness/leanness I originally got from the ARC.I also used the same tube in the linestage section of a ARC sp11 with great success....Good luck
Hello all of You!

Thanks very much for your advices, NO RUSSIAN made 6dJ8 family for my SP-9/2 control unit...Please.

From a friend I receive two Valvo E-188cc/7308 type, surely made by Philips in Holland, a little "Brown" tinted glass, instead being completely clear as others, my today in use Siemens CCa have also some "Yellow" tint instead all clear one, and a little bit "Glass Thin", that's makes for sure NO Microphony at all...speaking only about my specific fitted tube. Others really I don't know.

Also I decided to wait till 200 hours "Burn-In", for my fitted JJ-E34L tubes, MAYBE?????. will be an a improvement... more like "Mullards" in the sound timbre!

Don't Happy, you will be posted, after a while (200 Hours...!).

Be in touch...and all the best from Israel!


NOW, such JJ E34L newer tubes, after more of 200 hours, the sound changed much my used NOS Philips/Trovac branded made in UK by Mullards ones. I really are happy!

Concerning the 6DJ8 family, those New NOS Valvo E-188cc, today sound in my SP-9/2 amazing good. Will remain inside my ARC till will stop making such wonderful music!

Thanks so much for all your loyalty... & advices!