How to mono block a 2 channel amp

Hi there,

Trying to get detailed instructions on how to Mono block a Harman Kardon Citation 16 2 chanel amp?

I could take it to my local stereo repair shop but I really would like to try this myself.

Any help would be appreciated!!
Two different approaches to this, one being hands "in" the other being hands off.

You can simply use one channel of the amp and ignore the other one.

If the amp is dual mono or has seperate windings in the power supply transformer and individual R / L caps, you can simply disconnect the wiring from one channel and "double them up" on the other. In effect, you've doubled the power supply to the one channel. Sean
I have had 6 of the 16-A's what a sweet amp for it's time.
To bridge this amp requires you to locate a service manual
which will show you the jumper pins that have to be changed.
I believe it was 5 or 6, it's been 15 or 20 years since I
did this to mine. The amps where then rated for 320 watts
16 ohms and 500 watts 8ohms bridged. Stereo was 160 watts
8 ohms and 250 watts 4 ohms and a little over 300 watts
at 2 ohms. In the bridged mode speakers should not have
a large frequence spectrum in the 4 ohm range as the pro-
tective curcuit will trip at high power. Will look for book