How to merge home theater with 2 channel

I currently have 2 channel but I just purchased a projector and 120" screen. What is the least expensive way to combine home theater with my existing 2 channel. I don't need it to be at the same level as my 2 channel, but I'm assuming I need to match the center channel with my main speakers? My 2 channel system: Jeff Rowland(JR) 625 S2 amp, JR Corus preamp that has home theater bypass, JR Aeris DAC, Bryston BDP2, OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player, and Monitor Audio PL500 speakers.

You are in luck! Since you already have a quality 2-channel rig and a pre-amp w/theater pass-through, you can simple add a quality HT receiver and the extra speakers. To do this, you will need an HT receiver with pre-outs. You will simply run the front L&R main speaker pre-outs into the theater input of your pre-amp. Power your center and surround speakers from the HT receiver and connect the HT sources (DVD/BlueRay) to your HT receiver with an HDMI cable.

When you play your 2-channel rig you won't even need to power up the HT receiver. When you play HT/multi-channel, you will select the HT bypass on your pre-amp and the front L&R mains will be powered by your Rowland and the center and surrounds will be powered by the HT receiver.

I've successfully used this style of 2-channel/Combo system many times over the years. It can work very well and is only slightly more complicated than a standard HT rig. It will work best if you can match your center and surrounds (less important than the center) to your main speakers. You will also want to get a quality HT receiver than will have enough power to integrate with your mains.

Good luck and enjoy.........

Ditto what Reubent said.  I've done the same with great success and my priorities are identical to yours.  If I'm you I'd get the Monitor Audio PLC350 as it will probably be the best match for your PL500s short of adding another PL500.  For the receiver I'd recommend something like the Yamaha RX-A2060 that should provide decent enough sound quality for HT but doesn't cost so much that it'll be painful to replace when standards, connectivity, etc. inevitably change.  Hope this helps and best of luck.
Thanks TIC and Soix for your response. I'll install the projector and screen tomorrow. I hope to experiment with your suggestions this weekend and will let you know how it goes. After talking to Oppo technical support, I will run the projector and cable through the Oppo. They said to connect my optical cable from the Oppo to the DAC. 
In your Oppo, make sure you set the DTS Neo:6 mode to Cinema.  I believe this adds virtual surround if you don't have it, but can do funky things for streaming stereo sources.

Also, with the Oppo there is a Tidal and Pandora clients I believe, so if you haven't been streaming yet you will be.


Thanks for the information. Yes, I currently stream Tidal from my Bryston BDP2. 
The only way I got the system to work 2 jobs is to get another system in another room. 
Same experience as stringreen. I managed to get everything to function but all my efforts to optimize the amazing sound stage my Avalon Acoustics speakers provide suffered a great deal from the presence of the display between the two channel speakers.

As soon as I dedicated a speperate area for the home theater I was able to better space all seven of the now matched speakers requiring much less processor room corection. The sound is better balanced which creates a far more seemless surround effect. I own a small collection of multichannel SACDs and they sound teriffic on the HT system. Understanably not everyone has the room to do this but I highly recomend the seperation if possible.
I run from pre outs on the HT receiver to an input on my stereo preamp and match levels (requires a microphone and set up program)

If your main speakers are of sufficient quality, consider going with a phantom centre channel.

This set up allows you to cross over higher than you would normally for your speakers (even if they have good low frequency extension) and redirect low bass to a dedicated subwoofer if you like.

Also, set up your stereo system to get good imaging and then leave them there for movie use.  This may limit the size of screen you can use.  If the spacing is closer together than you need for a screen, go to a sonically transparent screen and have the main spekers behind them (screen has to lower from ceiling)
I decided to add  an AV receiver and center channel. I will have them next week.

I already listed my components in my original post. 

Let us know how it goes. If you have any issues integrated the systems, I would be happy to help.....