How to measure the power output?

I need to know the power output of my Roger RS-4 integrated amplifier before buying speakers. However, no indication marked on the amp. How can I measure its power roughly? I tried to measure the sould lever by Sound Level Meter by comparing with my Yamaha VX496 with [email protected] power output. Both RS-4 and VX496 were set at 9 o'clock position. The reading for VX496 is more than RS-4. Does it means RS-4 get less than [email protected]? The same result come out when I measure the level at 12 o'clock postion.
This is a very dirty but within 10 percent method. Get a 100 watt light bulb. Set your multi-meter to measure amps. Run your amps power up till you hear clipping on existing speakers. Hook up the bulb and meter in parallel with your amp output. Run the volume to the power level you first began hearing the distortion. Now read the amps off the meter and write it down. Now measure the resistance of the light bulb. The wattage is the amps reading squared times the resistance of the bulb. This is a safe test because if you run too much current the bulb will burn out opening the circuit with no harm done other then a bad bulb. You can use two bulbs is parallel also. The reviewers us a oil bath 4 or 8 ohm resister rated at 500 watts etc.
Lamp filament used as dummy load is not a valid measurement, because filament resistance varies with conduction/temperature. You need an audio oscillator, dummy load power resistor & oscilloscope, & also need to know ohm's law (I'm not going to try to teach this here). Take it to a shop, which can do this for you accurately for a few bucks, or probably free if you're a good customer.
Materials needed: music source, amp to be tested for power output, speaker w/power handling greater than amp's output, AC meter. Hook up speaker to amp & simultaneously connect AC meter to amp's speaker output. Play music on amp and turn up volume slowly just till distortion is audible. Peak voltage over 2.83 (volts per watt) = aproximate wattage output.
Procure the following: 8 ohm non-inductive 250 watt resistor AC clip on ammeter low frequency function generator Connect 1 end of your resistor to the + output on your amp. Connect the other end of the resistor to the - output on your amp. Place the resistor on something non-combustible as it will get very hot. Clip the clip-on ammeter around one of the wires leading to the resistor. Connect the function generator to you amplifier's input. Set the generator to Sine Wave, 100Hz, and amplitude to minimum. Turn on your amp then turn on the function generator. Adjust the function generators amplitude until you see the current on the ammeter rises no more. This happens at clipping. Note the current and decrease the amplitude. You can shut everything down now. Do not touch the resistor as it will be very hot. Calculate the power by using the following: Power= (measured current squared)* 8 ie. if you measured 2 amps then 32= (4 * 4) * 8
Correction on my last post: 32=(2*2)*8.