How to measure the frequency response

Hi all,
I just purchased a pair of vintage speakers and a Sunfire Subwoofer, but I do not know what the speakers actual frequency response is (I received no instructions, and there's no mention of this on the back of the speakers, only the impedance, 4 ohms), to be able to pair them with the subwoofer.
If anyone has a suggestion on what to do or how to measure the FR of these monitors, I will be very grateful.
Thanks so much
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a Velodyne SMS-1 will measure it for you, and let you dial your sub in too.
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The Velodyne SMS will only measure up to 200hz or so, which is great for setting up a sub, but it is very important to measure the whole system's response for a full picture.

The test tone CDs + SPL meters will only give you a few points on the chart, which is certainly better than nothing, but a very rough estimate at best.

Your best bet is to get a calibrated microphone (+ mic preamp) and use it, in conjunction with software like TrueRTA or roomEQwizard. With this approach, you can measure the whole system's response, and be able to answer important questions that both other approaches will not be able to.
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