How to maximize Dynaudio Special 25s

I have had a pair of Dynaudio Special 25s for about 2 years. So far, I love them. The Esotar tweeter really intrigues me.

I have been leaning toward tube amps and so far I have had good treble and midrange response, but the bass remains a bit fat. To some extent it may be a room-tuning problem.

Main question: Have any of you found a particularly good preamp/amp combination (tube or solid state) with the 4-ohm Special 25s?
I have never owned Special 25's, but I did own 3.3's which are similar, and found that VAC's Renaissance 140/140 Mk. III's had a particular synergy with them, sounding much better than Rowland Model 6's run from batteries or a Bryston 4B-ST. For whatever reason, the VAC amps really made the 3.3's sing in my systems.

My guess is that the Renaissance 70/70 Mk. III, which is much more powerful than its 65 watt/channel rating would indicate (they have outstanding output transformers and power supplies, and can drive 2 Ohm loads), would work really well with the Special 25's. They are going for as little as $4k used now, and are particularly trouble-free as tube amps go because of their auto-biasing, tube-failure protection circuit and long-life 300-B output tubes.

Good luck.
With Dynaudio Confidence 3's, which appear similar to the sp 25's. I like the Rogue magnum 99 pre and Rogue Zeus power amp combo (& Acoustic Zen Hologram speaker cable & AZ copper Ic & balanced connection option on the pre-out, fwiw). Good tight bass should not be a problem with the Dyn's, am thinking the 25's are a bit more efficient than the c3's (85dbw, 4 ohm). Good luck!