How to max setup for Squeezebox touch?

OK. Bought a Touch and setup with RCA jacks while my cd/dac was in the shop. Now got it back and want to run thru the Dac. What is better as far as the SPDif vs Optical? I dont have either so i need to buy a connection. Also, what other tweaks shoudl I be looking at that are no cost just part of teh setup.I upgraded my router to N and that was great, also updated the firmware. Runs well sounds decent and I am enjoying the Internet radio especially as we are a desert out here in HI for jazz, etc other than public radio. What else shoudl do to my PC or the sw to improve it. The new power supply will have to wait a bit but are there tweaks?
Hi. I have a SB Touch and recommend two places to start:

and read this forum:

Good luck!
I'd start with spdif as the least potentially problematic and give it a go that way. Optical should be fine as well if preferred. I have pretty discerning ears, I think. The sound quality through the right DAC and system is perfectly fine out of the box to me. I would not worry about custom tweaks unless you think something does not sound right. Better power supplies can never hurt I would say but I do not feel compelled to go there even to-date.
I installed the Soundcheck Toolbox 3.0, which is free and easy enough even for someone like me who does not work in IT. Nice improvement. I'm sure the improvement would be even larger if I had an external DAC, which I don't yet.

One additional tweak, suggested by Soundcheck, was to disable wifi on the Touch and instead use a wifi bridge connected to the Touch through ethernet.

Anyway, I would go from stock Touch to DAC first and then see if you itch for tweaks, and evaluate the impact.

If you decide to go for toslink, make sure you are getting a glass "cable" instead of a plastic one.

Let us know what you do and how it turns out.