How to match a Cartridge with the right phono preamp?

Hi there!

I have been trying to get some information about how to select the right phono preamp for a certain MC cartridge. I'm having a hard time trying to reference all the cartridge specs with the right phono preamp, I even try to watch a couple videos on how to match them but honestly I can't fully understand it lol. It's there an easy way to do it? What exactly I need to look for? I have an Ortofon Bronze with a Puffin preamp. I'm putting together a second vinyl record stereo system and I really want to give it a shot to MC cartridge! 


Thank you I'm advance! 




@elliottbnewcombjr Thank you for your advice, I'm probably going to save a little bit more money so I can buy something better, I have a rogue tube amplifier and I love it!

Before the component decided to roast itself to death, I truly enjoyed the phono stage of my Mytek BB. Luckily, I still had my old Moon Phono Stage in the closet. Yes, the Moon doesn't give me quite as much three dimensionality, but its sound is highly pleasurable.

@edcyn Do you have the Moon 110lp? How you like it? I was looking all the specs and it has more options that Schiit Mani 2 and a better price compared with high end phono preamps.