How to make your first sale at agon

First of all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong topic, but I thought that since I'm trying to sell an amp this might be the right place to post. Will be happy to move it to a different topic if needed.

So I have been a (relatively) active forum user for a number of years, but have only bought maybe 2 or 3 items here. Never sold anything. Usually, when I'm looking at the items for sale here I always review the seller's information, specifically how many items he or she has sold in the last 12 months or longer. If that number is zero, I generally ignore due to the high-risk factor.

Ironically, I am now finding myself on the other side of the equation :)
I have a Parasound A21 amplifier in pristine condition that I want to sell since I've decided to buy an integrated amp. But I have no idea how to post my first ad on agon and provide some sort of comfort that, despite the lack of any track record as a seller, I am a legitimate seller and will stand behind any transaction.

How did you guys make your first sale? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
This is a very dicey situation and you can argue on both sides.

Do you have any other sites that you have sold stuff on? You can refer to that. I suggest that you start with a low value item first. That way, if a reputed buyer wants you to first send the item (and then make payment), then you can take that risk and hope that things can go well. Obviously you don't want to send a $2k amp without getting the payment first. Even with the low priced item you would not sell it to a person with 0 feedback, especially if that person has joined within the last month. But if there is another poster who is active on this forum for a long time, but has 0 feedback, you might want to take a chance.
When you create an ad, make sure that you have big pictures which CLEARLY show the condition of the product. Try to gather as much details and possible and be as honest as possible. Even if you feel the item is 10/10, make sure that you put it as 9/10. Just an example. Think of it - if you were to purchase from this site, what would you expect from the seller? It's all your Karma. I was in the same position years back.

Your involvement on this site, as indicated by your profile as "since 2011" is the only positive ting going for you. Fortunately or unfortunately, for you, that amp is a "hot pick" on this site and with reasonable asking price, it will be snagged in a few days. Good Luck!

I am sure there will be others to chime in.
If your item is well described and priced reasonably it will sell. Grade very conservatively and don't attempt to nickel and dime on PayPal fees, shipping etc (ideally offer free shipping in the continental US for example)

In other words make it as painless as possible for the potential buyer to work with you. And consider a link to this thread as well to indicate your bone fides and interest in doing things right!
I have had good experiences, buying and selling on Audiogon.

I'd say it's OK to exchange emails on Audiogon before a formal offer is extended on the site.  But I would avoid dealing with a buyer who wants to consummate the sale outside the site.  I had one guy who emailed me thru Audiogon, asked me to call him, which I did, and we went back and forth on the phone, came to an agreement on the price (which he said he'd pay in cash), then when he arrived in my driveway said that he rethought his offer and wanted to buy the unit for $600 less than we agreed upon.  With no formal offer on Audiogon, there was no "trail".  I wouldn't deal with people like that.
How did you guys make your first sale? 

I posted a for sale ad in the marketplace.

Pictures and details help, but for the most part, price seems to be the most important part to most. Price it attractively, and it will sell quickly.

Generally, the market will determine the price, regardless of the seller's experience.
Price it too high, and it can linger for months, or years even.
Price too low, and it will be sold within hours, but you may short-change yourself.
Price it right, and it should be sold within a month.
Just list it. There is a first time for everyone. BTW, I’ve have no problem buying from first time sellers!
I sold the speakers I bought on Agon a year after the fact.
I didn't have any problems. Just be honest with condition and pack well.
Check Hifi Shark for recent sales to price properly.
We all have to start somewhere...
Also in heading for example  multi Award winning amplifier 

List s link to the page with reviews  thst you googled.
Wow thats a tough one good luck though!!
Thank you for the great advice everyone. Looks like I just need to stop worrying and post the ad. Key points that I gathered from this thread:
1. Clear and big pictures
2. Rate conservatively (I’m thinking a 9) -- the unit is in flawless condition, but I’m the second owner, so does that make it an 8?
3. No transactions outside of audiogon
4. Highlight the fact that I have been an agon member for almost 7 years and contribute to the forum discussions regularly.
4. Price attractively -- now this is the million dollar question. I am seeing used A21s priced at $1400-1600. But I have no idea if this is what they actually sell for in the market.

BTW, ebm, thank you for posting on this thread. I just don’t know what audiogon would do without you.

Regarding rating -- 9 is really "brand new in box", 10 is for unopened items. 8 is in reality as good a grade as you should see for an item that's really been used so I think it sounds like appropriate in your case
Thanks to all for this thread. My situation is a big step worse. I just signed up at Audiogon to sell my home theater equipment. It's a moving sale with Bowers and Wilkins front (CM10S2), center (CM Centre 2 S2)  and rear surround speakers (CM6 S2), a small Martin and Logan sub, Yamaha Aventage separates, a 75 inch Sony 4K monitor, a rack and a few other odds and ends. I suspect it should be offered in 'bite size portions', such as pairs of speakers, etc. I totally get that the Audiogon community would not have any reason to trust me. I bought all of this equipment from Magnolia AV and had them set it up and calibrate it. Does this mean that I should be consigned to [email protected] purgatory? 

Does this mean that I should be consigned to [email protected] purgatory?

No, there are many selling options, and eBay is just one of them.
You could list this on Audiogon, US/UK/Canuck Audiomart, Audio Asylum, AudioShark, Audio Aficionado, What's Best Forum, local Craigslist or newspaper among other alternatives.

Just make an ad, describe it and price it right, and sell it.

The main problem I see with inexperienced sellers, is that they tend to over-value their goods. Don't worry, there is a cure for that, your items won't sell.
It's not because you have little or no feedback, it's because you have priced your gear too high.
Realize that this is a buyer's market, and has been for about 3 years now.
Even sellers with much feedback like myself are having tremendous difficulty selling gear in this market.

Great time to be a buyer though!

Good luck!!
Just a quick update ... before posting an ad on audiogon,  I thought I'd give craigslist a shot. sold the amp for $1400 cash within 3 weeks of posting. once again, thanks to everyone for their wonderful advice.