How to make your CD player/amp live longer ?


Just want to know how to let CD player/amp live longer, from electronics point of view....

Should I leave power always on ? ...etc.

How long should I expect a CD player/amp to have under normal operation ?

Unfortunitely, what usually breaks down in a CD player is the transport / laser assembly. The only sure way to make it last longer is not to use it; which is of course not an option. Keeping it clean helps some.

Many members here leave solid state gear on all the time. It is done mainly for sonic reasons, not gear life. Leaving tube gear on all the time has to be offset by tube life issues.
My first CD player(Hitachi) which was given to me as a gift back in the early 80's is still working perfectly today. The same goes for my Kenwood KT7500 Tuner/KA7300 Int amp which I bought new around 1976. My father has older pieces which are working perfectly as well. I've mostly turned them on and off. My current CDP, a CAL Icon MkII, has performed perfectly since I bought it new.(Now that I've said that it will probably break tomorrow!) I've had good luck with only a few minor problems over the yrs.
It's realy a matter of either using it or not using.
I saw the auction where Towncar from 1990 had only 7,000 original miles on it and were used not more than 4...500mi per year.
I shut the transport off. I leave the dac on full time. I leave the amp on full time, but lower the volume control setting to 00. Phono pre is in the amp. Power conditioner (active), stays on full time.
CD player has a mechanical drive that is likely to die. Pure electronics like amps are another thing. Caps may go after years, tubes need replaced and maybe a tranny may have problems but for a reference there are a ton of old guitar amps from the 50's and 60's out there that are still chugging along having lived a lot harder life than any home gear ever would.