How to make small room sound bigger

Is It possible to make a relatively small room sound larger ? I have a 14 x 11ft with 8 ft ceiling. The room is completely empty, with vinyl floors with cement floor under.  Looking into vicoustic sound treatments. 

What would be the best approach with absorption vs diffusion and placement to attain a bigger sound space if at all possible ? 

I wrote to vicoustics, but did not hear back. 

speakers : SF Elipsa, Diapason adamantes, Focal utopia micro

amps: mastersound 845, mcintosh mc452, NAD M10



@ghdprentice you hit it right with the room treatments. You can look at the OP system on his VS page, no treatments at all. Even and area rug would help and a window treatments.

Nice systems.


The question is, do I need to maximize absorption vs diffusion ? I’d rather not do near field listening. 

Dude, like half of my threads on Audiogon are about this. :D

I’d go to GIK, and use the room designer to ask them for help, but here are the gneeral principles:

  • Use the best bass traps you can afford/fit floor to ceiling and floor to floor. This is either corner traps or soffit trap up the walls, and mondo traps on the floor between them.
  • Use 244 absorbers in first reflection points.
  • Use combination absorber diffusion between the speakers and behind the listening location. Don’t forget the ceiling at first reflection area.
  • Directly to the sides of the speakers is a great place for diffusion. It can really help fill in the stereo image.
  • The smaller the room the thicker the panels you’ll want to use to compensate for lack of locations to put them in.
  • First reflection points matter, but only in combination with a full room treatment.  If all you do is place at these spots you will barely notice a difference.