How to make Powered Martin Logan speakers Better.

Inside the Martin logan in an ice amp you can take the electrolytic capacitors and up their voltage say from 80 to 100 for more over head and bypass them with vishay .1 1837 poly caps , also the 2 poly caps on each board replace with Mundorf Silver oil capacitors and the 2 cheap ceramic resistors replace with Mundorfs Best resistor which is also white. Also Get Rid Of the Junky stock power cords and replace them with the New Shunyata Venom 3 power cords $99 each which are Excellent and are shielded for the first few feet. A noticable improvement.
For the total to be around $700 these now easilly take out the Spires .I have the Vantage which is $4k cheaper then the Spires,the Vantage was just replaced by the Theos. Try the power cords first , then it is under $500
one Incredible mod that will have you glued to the music
much better in Every way 3D is the best way to put it with a touch of natural warmth and ambiance around the Instruments that was not their before. It take a solid 300-400 hours for these Big Mundorf caps to settle in !!