How to make bi-amp setting

I am Jazz lover. My knowledge on audio is very much limited. I want try bi-amp to drive JBL XPL-200A with 2 sets of KRELL KAV400xi + dbx223 (as I could not find DX-1). I need help to know how to set them up, e.g. htz for high/mid/low, etc. Thank you, Ted
Checking the net and finding the Lansing Heritage pages dealing with the XPL products, the speaker you have in mind has a 250hz crossover point for bi-amping. And if your amplifiers have over 100wpc capability, you're well on your way. I assume they (JBL) did not recomment any more than a 2 way bi-amp.
Hi Gvasale,
Thank you very much for your information. This site was helpfull for me.
Thank you, Ted