How to make

I would like to make a dvd that has only music on it, specifically wav files, essentially to create a super long play "cd" that I could just plop into my dvd player. I have nero, itunes, musicmatch, and roxio easy cd & dvd creator. None of these programs seem to allow the creation of a "music" dvd. NOT INTERESTED IN A "DATA DVD" as my dvd player will not play them. Any suggestions? Is my only option to create a video dvd, with "dummy values" for video or still pictures, and then add wav files as audio tracks to the "still pictures"???? Even that seems hard or impossible with the above programs. Suggestions most welcome.



The format that you will have to use is DVD-A. It sounds like you are using a personal computer - which is always dependent upon the software applications that you load onto the hard drive. While it is possible to make a music only DVD which was meant to hold video - you may not have the software that allows that!

The fix is to either search for software to allow this in a DVD burner in the PC - or purchase a DVD recorder from Circuit City or Best Buy. Just be sure to research the product to ensure that functionality.

If you are sticking with your PC - go to this site and enjoy