How to maintain finish of my Avalons

My Avalon speakers are not looking the same as before.
I need to polish it up a little, any suggestions.
Curly Maple veneer?

Any suggestions? Nees a good shine.


It depends on the finish on the wood...If its a raw hand rubbed finish it can be treated with an oil ( i use hand rubbed boiled linseed oil ) or any other quality wood treatment made for unfinished wood .. For wood finished with Poly or Lacquer it needs to be treated differently..You need to figure which it needs..Check the Manual for the speakers.It should indicate the wood surface......
Call or email Avalon Acoustics and ask for their advice. They are a very valuable source of information. I am sure they will be happy to help you.

All The Best...
I got a bottle of Woodley's Creme Furniture Polish with my Eidolons Vision. Call Avalon - maybe you can get it separately.