How to locate a "new" strobe light Luxman PD-121

I am in the process or reconstituting a Luxman PD - 121 TT. I has a Rega BR 700 arm installed. All is going well but the "black light" that shows if the speed is accurate has failed. Any hints about finding a replacement?
The problem may reside in an electronic circuit that runs the strobe. This happened to me with my Denon DP80. In the DP80, there is a single IC that performs several functions necessary for full operation of the tt. One of them is to emit a signal of a fixed frequency that runs the strobe. If that circuit goes out, the strobe won't light up. It was a bit easier to find a replacement IC (from a vendor in Hong Kong) than to find a new strobe light, which thankfully I did not need. BTW, the DP80 ran OK even with the faulty IC in place, as your tt may also do.
I have just fixed the 121 lamp. It turned out that the problem was one of the electrolytic capacitors (4.7uF/350V) was short and burnt the fuse (100mA). It is very easy for anyone who knows how to solder the capacitor into the PCB. There is no IC involved at all... Happy Listening!