How to kickstart this area

Any clue why this forum has come to ao screeching halt?
So many systems have been recently transformed by quantum based upgrades that there is little left to talk about. Have we been left behind?
I've heard some complain the constant Polk threads at the top of the list steer people away. Maybe Audiogon could pull those theads, they are a waste of bandwidth.
Let’s hope it March Madness versus a mass exodus. Most of the posts in the topic Forums recently seem to trail off pretty quick. Let’s hope that Ozzy… our great tweak leader… is busy discovering the next must have tweak to inspire us.
I agree with the constant Polk threads being a potential reason. Nothing against Polk; as my first "good" speakers were Polks which I still own. However, even in the AVS forums, it appears the talk is being consumed by entry level products. Speaker questions often revolve around HTIB or Polk vs Bose, or, someone wanting the best speaker under $200. In the HT section people are talking asking about what system, including a receiver and 5.1 speakers, is the best for $500 total. Nothing against people starting out, as I was there myself. But, I am at level of quality where those discussions simply of no interest to me. It seems most discussions revolve around entry-level products. What's worse is when people criticize people such as myself that own expensive high-end systems. There are often comments like their Onkyo/ID direct speakers sound just as good, and, that people who appreciate higher end systems make their purchase because of name recognition, or, simply because it costs more. At one time these forums were filled with audiophiles such as myself. I miss those days....
The forums did not seem to update right over the last week or so. That dumb Polk thread glitched and said it only had 22 post and was a lot closer to 70. Today the glitch seems to be fine and new post are getting bump to the top.
One way to kickstart the forum is to start asking about the market value for your gear. That or start bashing popular brands. Oh wait that would be trolling. Nevermind.

I hope it isn't a mass exodus. I at times get frustrated with the forum because of the lag time in posts. There is a definite ebb and flow to updates. I know the general disclaimer is 4 to 8 hours for a post to get moderated. As of late it seems more like 12 to 16 hours for some members. I bet most members have seen this and just said forget this place. Who wants to put together a post and not have it hit the forum.

I'm submitting this post at 9:47am EST on 3/29/2013. Later I'll check to see when it actually make it through if it does.
How about a JBL 4550 speaker thread...... (crickets)
Hmm I may be wrong with my previous guestimate. To my surprise my previous post made it to the forum in a little under 7 hours it seems. The time of this post is 4:39pm EST on 3-29-2013. I'll see how long this one takes to post if at all and then I'll stop.

Regarding kick starting the forum again.. How about a discussion about some audio manufacturers who are moving manufacturing from China? I can't find the article but I heard from another audio gear maker that for Sony's higher end home audio products they are moving manufacturing out of China. I can't find the article to substantiate that but maybe others here will know.
There doesn't seem to be any standard time for a thread to stay in the Recent Discourse part of the forum.
I posted a thread in which I asked for advice and it was gone after 2 days when a large number of new threads were published by the moderators. Mine was pushed out to it's home forum where I got a trickle of replies.
On the other hand, some threads will sit for days with no activity.
Also too you can pretty much forget about reviving threads. Rather than keep starting new threads I'll often look in the archives about the topic or gear if I'm researching. When I finally see my post on the revived thread it is in the bowels of the recent forum updates and getting no views. It is as if the moderators want you to keep posting new threads. It makes no sense to me. Then some of the posts that make it through are people inquiring about how much a piece of equipment is worse. Sometimes I think the moderators are trying to make such a bad user experience out of the forum in order for people to migrate to the Audiogon Hub. If that is the case it might backfire on them.

Back to the time thing. I posted a reply to my previous thread at around 4:40pm EST on 3-29-2013. It is now approx 12:40am EST on 3-30-2013 and my post still isn't there. I bet this post will not make it to the forum at all. If it does I say it gets posted Saturday 3-30-2013 at 2pm EST.

Maybe the moderators are NCAA fans and they are partaking in the games rather than moderating here.