How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?

We adopted a long-hair, one-eyed stray kitten. She is a very lovely cat, however, she likes jumping up on stereo equipment - tube preamp and mono block amplifiers. Am I right in thinking that cat hairs that fall inside the equipment can eventually fry things? Assuming so, I can't be the first person to have a cat AND hifi equipment. How do you keep the cat off? For the record she only jumps up there when she is alone in the room, so I think she gets that we don't want her up there, but just hasn't filed under "relevant info." I would greatly appreciate suggestions!


My cat never went near my gear.

Did like to chew on wires though. For some reason, never touched any of my audio cables.

If the music was right, he would sleep on the floor between the speakers.




My cat climbs on my ATC SCM19 speakers and pushes the grilles (which attach magnetically) onto the floor.

Whatever you decide to do, take the cats picture first and post here:

You are not alone. The struggle is real.  Fortunately, for me, my cat likes to sit on my lap or my ottoman.


Place some sticky tapes on your equipment with sticky side facing upwards. Cats hate things sticked to their feet...they will learn very quickly to stay away from your gears.