How to insure shipping large speakers?

I am struggling trying to find an insurer for shipping a pair of 200lbs. each speakers from Milwaukee to Baltimore. Surely many of us here have done this. It is a private transaction, although if there is no other way, we could make it a business (church) to business (hospice) deal.

We can find a shipper o.k., just not insurers (well, one wanted a 3rd party to crate the boxes, but geez, these are Von Scweikerts that come in a plywood coffin for shipping from the factory!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Everyone have a wonderful Holiday!


Try Lloyd's of London.

...or have you talked to your own property insurance co?

As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I believe Pilot Air might do it. I was at one time, going to buy some speakers that were combined into only one container... weighing over 200 lbs. They were willing to do the job and provide declared value coverage.

Give Pilot a call... and or DHL.

Tape up the boxes with duct tape too. Yeah, just like a mummy, placing some cardboard in between the wood and tape.

Good luck.
I am not really sure if this helps. I helped shipped a speaker for my friend which comes in 5 wooden crates with a combined shipping weight of aprox. 3200lbs. We used BaxGlobal and they insured it too. Granted, the price was quite insane but they had a save trip ^^ :-)

Good luck
Thanks, I'll contact BAX for a quote.
So far, I am planning on using PilotAir to ship, they are pretty reasonable even door to door. However, they said they wouldn't insure a private party transaction. GRW Products would insure it if a professional outfit crates them. Sheesh, they are in the shipping crates the factory uses. And Blindjim, there is a heavy duty cardboard box the plywood crate fits into, but I suppose anything extra couldn't hurt.

Thanks for the advice so far, keep it coming.

Would seem that you would want to/have to palletize the boxes. And perhaps pay a premium for a forklift to deliver it to a non business/non loading dock address.

Here is an idea I have yet to find any mention of. See if your home owners insurance will cover it or provide a declared value rider. Might preface the conversation on the lines of fire, theft and property damage then ask about coverage in transit.

I am surprised that for all the times the misery of shipping comes up in our Forums, I have never seen a post about how people ensure their systems in their home for replacement value.
I figured the cardboard was gone or tore up so I added that bit in. sorry.

I'd think one could check off on the professional packing seeing as how they are, were, have been, etc being the factory crates!

Earlier this year when I had my Dodd mono blocks flown in from the great N. W., Pilot told me that there was a $250 deductible from the declared value if not being shipped from the maker. Also they needed be in orig containers. The agent can look up about what ever on that aspect. The home office is far more tedious to deal with... or such was my experience. maybe she was having a bad hair day.

BAX isn't going to cover more than $500 .... if they do that much... and they have up or added charges, depending on stairs, home del. etc.

Were it me, and the sale numbers supported it, I would palletize and band the speakers. Although shipping is a crap shoot... those VSA factory boxes are pretty decent boxes all on their own, and right off the bat.

My VR 4JRs came to me from Mich. to Fla.... then the top modules went out to Ca & back... then the whole shebang went to Az. from Fla. ...and I reckon they went from China to Ca, and then to Mich too before I ever got involved!

Last I heard they were doing well in Az without any shipping issues, apart from a third box I sent there being delayed. 'Course, my cardboard didn't survive as well as has your's.

I'd not worry a whole lot here. Just a little. Maybe.
You could consider one of the smaller moving companies - maybe one that moves fine furniture or pianos. I had a pair of 125lb/each speakers shipped to me via one of these carriers - no crates, but handled with care throughout, and they arrived spotless. It took a few weeks, but was well worth it for the results, and it wasn't much (any?) more expensive.
With heavy speakers like the B&W 803D and 802D, I've had had good results with FedEx National LTL. But you need to put them on a pallet (they can provide one) banded together and shrinkwrapped. They can do this also for an extra charge.

If shipping speakers under 150 lbs each you can send UPS or FedEx ground each on its own seperate wayill BUT it is very important to use harboard corners all around the exterior of the box. You can tape them or shrinkwrap them to the exterior of the box. A company called ULINE sells theses and a dealer told me of this company and told me after using this technique his UPS ground claims dropped to zero.

If you ship by LTL, it is wise to call one of their reps and get a discount (50-70% is usual in the industry) or the place you work at may already have a discount with them.

Worked for FedEx for 19 years.....
If you ship frieght on pallet most shipping companys have insurance inc in shipping costs.I ship out 30-40 pairs a year.
Global and Eagle Global are both good freight companies. They have to be crated properly but they will insure them.
FYI: UPS now has a "Frieght" division (can handle pallets).
Just to close this topic, I went with BAX, especially after the quote on the phone was half the price of the web form estimate! And they covered insurance for the stated value. I chose the slowest method and they got them from a snowstorm near Milwaukee on the Friday afternoon between Christmas and New Year's to Baltimore by Monday morning. The people on the phone and the delivery driver could not have been more courteous. No affiliation, usual disclaimers, etc., just a happy customer
Congratulations on your safe shipment. Not knowing better, we shipped some very heavy speakers (coffin crated) with FedEx Freight a few years ago and they tried to weasel out of paying for insured damages for 6 months, before we finally reached a "settlement". They had dropped the speakers from a height estimated to be 10-12' and were trying to argue that if properly "packaged" there shouldn't have been any damage. What a joke........ SHIPPER/SHIPPEE BEWARE!
Update- Just shipped using Yellow Freight and a pallet with excellent results. The pallet was definitely the key - it keeps people from doing dumb things, most of the time.
Just received large speakers shipped by Pilot - no problems. This seems to be an "under the radar" shipper, but they did a great job - apparently several speaker manufacturers use them with excellent results.
fplanner2000 do you have a website for pilot as i have large speakers to ship thanks
I believe the Pilot web-site is