How to install Tandberg preamp to Denon 3801AVR

I have my Tandberg 3001a tuner hooked to the 3008a preamp, now I want to hook the preamp to the Denon 3801AVR, can
this be done? The preamp has 2 tape loops and a varible out. The Denon has 2 vcr loops, 8 external in, 5 preouts,
1 multizone preout. I am hoping to bypass the front two
channel preamp from the Denon and use the Tandberg preamp.
Your Denon would have to have main in preamp inputs.
If it does, you would simply connect the preouts from you
Tandberg (1 pr. of rca's), to the main in on your Denon.
This should use the amps only on the denon, and allow the Tandberg to be used as the preamp in 2 channel stereo.