How to indentify new Svetlana KT88?


Heard it through the audio grapevine that Svetlana's current production of KT88's are now manufactured according to McIntosh's specifications. These new tubes are supposedly better sounding than the earlier versions. How do you identify these new tubes from the earlier versions? Surfed the web and found some pictures, some tubes come in blue boxes, some in red. Some sport the logo with the big "S", and some with the spider-like symbol ( a circle with 3 lines protruding from the top and bottom). Would highly appreciate any info to clarify this matter.

Only thing I can tell ist that my new KT88s came in black/red/white boxes with the big "C" on it. They sound the same in my MAC MC2000 as the original KT88s with the McIntosh imprint.

Good luck!
Gentlemen, There is actually no difference whether "S" or "C" is displayed.
"C" is just the same "S" only on Russian.
I believe that "C" is probably for NOS that was not sold at that time outside of USSR.