how to increase power?

i've a consonance M100plus tube amp at 40W per channel, how can i increase the power of this amp?
Can i connect mono block to it?
or proportionally speaking, get more efficient speakers.
My Conrad Johnson MV55 is 45Wx2.I know for a fact that it can be rewired for monoblock configuration by the manufacturer.Although it is not recommended as it diminishes the sound quality somewhat.Perhaps your Consonance can be rewired.Check with manufacturer or dealer.
Then of course you need a second one for the other channel.
According to the review I just read, your Consonance integrated has no separate preamp output. That excludes your using it to drive mono blocs to gain more power.

You may have to sell it and buy another piece. In any case, don't tap off the speaker terminals for signal, it's could cause harm to the Consonance and whatever your trying to drive.
My suggestion applies more toward higher current drawing amps, but even so, I would first install this amp on it's own dedicated circuit/line.

Not only might your AC be perhaps just a tad less noisy translating to an ever so quieter noise-floor, but you might just be a bit amazed at the increase in macro-dynamics bursts on certain current drawing passages.

Especially if you are presently sharing this amp with one or more components, refrigerators, etc..

I believe Stehno has you headed in the right direction about lowering the noise floor.

Here is a less expensive, and easier way of accomplishing it.

Install a pair of Rothwell 10db attenuators ($59+shipp.) between the output of your source, and the input of your intergrate on the intergrate's input RCA's .

Read here about how, and why these work,and here for the technical explanation.

I installed a set Friday, and was shocked at how they transformed my system. Much more bass and detail in the treble with no degradation in sound quality. I tried these out, initially in a friend's system earlier in the week, He was very impressed at the improvement they made to his $10,000 Induction Dynamic moniter speaker. He, and his buddies laughed their A$$es off at me, when I showed them the attenuators, now it is I who is laughing the hardest, because I will not tell them where I purchased them.

I began looking for answers like you, when it appeared I could not get any more DB out of my system. My NHT3.3's, and D500 Phase Linear (500W@8ohm) would not play any louder than 90 to 92db. Certainly I had enough watts, but it lookes like the noise floor of the source (CAL Audio DVD2500 with a Linear power supply, not a noisey Switching power supply as found in most CD/DVD players) was limiting my ability to turn the volume up any further, without the noise floor becoming evident....

Now the tale gets even more hilarious... my NHT3.3 are down for some minor cabinet repairs, so I hooked up my NHT1.5's, a much smaller moniter type speaker. Well 98db on peaks at the same seating position, and no disconfort or fatigue. Plenty of bass and a clean top end.

I can't wait to try another set on my active subwoofer. I expect the same results.

As for my "BRONZE AGE MEN" friends, with their 10K moniters, I quote from the French Revolution..."Let Them Eat Cake" I still won't tell them where to purchase them.

Contact A/gon member "mrstereo" he can help you.

For the record, I use an Exact Power EP15a power cond. connected to a dedicated line with a Elrod Sig.3 PC. The sources are connected to the EP15a by Foundation Research LC1's... My system has always been dead quite, I thought, but the Dynamics unleased by the Rothwell's opens a new door.

HTH Dave
Plan A:

Add circuitry for additional pair of tubes per each channel and(if neccessary) change the output transformers that will have characteristics that will correspond the new output power. This may apply if you have extra space for such surgery...

Plan B:

Sell your Consonance and buy more powerfull amplifier.
There's Plan C:

Find the preamp output and wire it to your back pannel so you can connect the other poweramp for biamplification.
If this amp used triode output tubes, you could increase power by reworking it to pentode operation. Other than that, you can't expect to make the amp more powerful. If that were possible the manufacturer would have done it.

Why do you want more power? Biamping won't make much difference to loudness: quality might improve. If you want louder you need different speakers.
thank you for all the respond. i have 2 pair of speakers at 85db and 89db, will a 40watt amp drive them?
i have 2 pair of speakers at 85db and 89db, will a 40watt amp drive them?

Most anything will drive most things, the question is can you get the dynamic range you require.

Theoretically, the 40W amp will give an extra ~16 extra db before clipping. In real life, a bit less. Theoretically, you can drive the speakers at low volumes. Theoretically the dynamic range of the system with 1st spkr pair maxxes at ~100db and the second pair at ~105db spl.

In practise, the short answer is, you're probably better off with a higher power amp OR more sensitive speakers!

There are many other parametres involved that limit the ideal situation -- one of these being how well is the amp dealing with the speakers return, another is the current capability of the amp's PS (because the speaker is NOT a constant 8ohm load at all frequencies).... etc