How To Improve The Slow Traffic On Audiogon Systems Pages

Since the website redesign activity is much lower on the member's system pages. I usually browse the site by first going to Forums>Recent Activity in Last 24 Hours. Previously each time I'd see 25-50 or more posts from members on other's system pages. Nowadays, there's usually less than 10.

Hey webmasters, how about putting a member's main system name & link next to their name in each discussion post? It seems like a simple programming task for you(don't they all). I know I'd be more inclined to check out a member's rig after reading a comment or question from them if those links were there. Everybody wins. Cheers,

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Don't hold your breath until they do that.
The revamping has some advantages but the audio system activity has plummeted and isn't the fun it use to be. Much information was exchanged before the redesign of this site.   Spencer yourobservation and comments are on the mark. 
make some coffee or pour yourself a drink while you wait page to load
Very timely post! I was actually thinking the same thing yesterday.  At least for me, following the evolution of people's system was most of the fun for me on this forum.  Kind of like the Facebook of audiophile systems without the creepy selfies, pictures of food, and constant updating of how people feel.
Well, I sure know what kind of pics get my attention when I'm on the web. 

This site always gets a click:

So maybe more pics of GF/W/BF/SO with the gear?

On the previous design wasn't the Systems pages before the forum posts? Maybe A'gon should restore that display order? Put Systems posts to the forefront followed by the discussion posts. Maybe that will increase traffic there. 

Also T&A  to me doesn't help with traffic to the systems area but it is a nice break. The brunette in the Audio Advisor catalogs was always a treat to me. Another site I saw photoshopped women in the articles on was StereoMojo. The women were a nice extra but it is the content that gets you and keeps you there.
The other major factor that is undoubtedly contributing to the decline in Virtual System discussions is that since the format change that occurred at the end of November posts to system description threads in which one has already participated (including even one’s own system description thread) no longer appear in one’s forum activity feed. I suspect that correcting that in the new format would result in a HUGE increase in Virtual System discussion and viewership.

-- Al

Jed and Al,
Good points! I was receiving comments on my virtual system page and had no idea of their  existence (Due to lack of notification ). Jed's idea of placing the system posts ahead of the forums is a excellent one.  We can only hope. 
I agree with you Spencer, good idea.
Audiogon has made many improvements to the new format based on member recommendations, I hope they can incorporate your suggestion.
dbtom2....thanks for the link.  Oldies 'n goodies, and wasn't that my mother....?! *L*

1KW amps for home use, Yes.  I MUST wake the neighbors...even if they're a 1/4 mi. Dare they sleep at a time like this...

Time?  Time is an asterisk. ;)
"posts to system description threads in which one has already participated (including even one’s own system description thread) no longer appear in one’s forum activity feed."
Good point, Al! 

Since many systems of interest only change after a long period of inactivity, it was nice to get the heads up letting you know that "Al finally decided to replace his Widgetwanker 1000" with a better component! Cheers,