How to improve the audio on Sooloos

I would like some recommendations on how to take advantage of the downloaded music library on my Sooloos system to improve the audio quality.I have 2 systems both have Meridian 861V.6 connected to my Sooloos by Ethernet cable.My main system sound reasonable driving the German Physics Loreleys ,although the sound is always better when driven through an Einstein preamp with the 861 source,and even better when the source is a Reimyo 777 direct to the Einstein pre.In the second system a bedroom system the audio quality deteriorate further when the 861 uses the Sooloos as the source when other cds/dvd players are used as sources there is an improvement.A Huge improvement is heard when the Zanden dac/transport combo or the Accuphase 800/801 is the source by passing the 861 altogether.going directly into a Allnic 1500 with Sophia princess 300B .The speakers are ClassicaudioLoudspeaker T3.4.I am hoping to get some advise on how to connect a DAC or a media server which would connect to the 2000 cds on my Sooloos and would allow me to communicate from my bedroom.Please help