How to improve on Audioquest SKY

Have introduced the "SKY" into system( CD to Pre where it works best)--all components are Conrad Johnson with exception of speakers which are Vandersteen Quatros. Still working on getting my turntable into system. QUESTION. RE--INTERCONNECTS--Running Comets on speakers--interconnects for pre and amp are Audioquest Niagras--SKY seem to be a bit "brittle"--even after a good warm up---Niagras, on the other hand I have found to be a bit "dulled" out; nice but lacking in clarity--hoping to get some thoughts re alternatives---something warm but CLEAR in this system--DP2 is the CD--CT 5 is Pre. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome, but particularly from Vandy and CJ owners. Thanks. (Power cords are all Purist with exception of Audience Au24 for CD--- CD may need upgrade based upon the above--again--suggestions for auditioning?
What are the high pass set to.?
How big is the room?
How far out from front and side walls are the speakers?
Did you do the tilt back?
Cheers Johnnyr
I have bought the new Wild Blue Yonder with the new xlr connectors. Difference between this oen and Sky is big. The Wild is so much more controlled in the high freq. compared to the more bright sounding Sky.
I dip my Sky cable into Holy Water...that is a cheap but tremendous much more controlled in the high frequency area with an endless soundstage ...
You can become very rich!!

the Audience AU series is a great sonic match for CJ gear.
Step up to the "e" or "se" upgrades and you will be rewarded!
Ah, dipping in Holy Water...that explains the continuing and ongoing electrical problem with the Omnigon.

LOL. Dipping in Holy Water is the fastest way to get brainwashed into believing the hype. Wait, we're talking about cables here?
Yesterday I did a comparison between Colorado, Niagra and Sky for a client of mine. The Niagra is warmer in the mid freq compared to the Sky, has a lot more air compared to the Colorado. The Sky is less musical in the mid freq, can even become a little clean, not harsh. But put on the Wadia 371 voices became a lot more 3D compared to the Niagra. Silver is superior to copper. The difference between MIT and Audioquest is stunning. You would be a fool to buy MIT cables when you hear these tests. You loose everything compared to the Audioquest. Less drive, less control, less resolution, less focus and a much lower 3D presentation. The new AQ Wild ( I own it, but did not take it with me) Has the advantages of both the SKY and Niagra. Is very open in the high freq, so much warmer in the mid compared to the Sky. ( which I also own) The new Wild Blue Yonder has superior AUTHORITY in every part you Judge a cable for compared to the Sky. I understand why people prefer the Niagra over the Sky. I think it will work better in many situation cause of the more musical mid freq.
Any improvements ove the Audioquest Volcano speaker cables?
Audioquest Redwood. It uses 6x PSS pure silver. It is more open and better in timing. I love this loudspeakercable!!
Much Thanks! Bo -

I am trying to select speaker cables for Thiel loudspeakers.
When you focus on all the parts you Judge a cable for this is the one for the money. I owned the Valhalla for over 12 years of time. This one was superior to the Valhalla. Why? Because the control and speed was better, individual focus of instruments is so much sharper, Mid freq are a lot more musical and open, blacks are superior so the presence is of another league compared to the Valhalla! It is that clear!!
It will work fine with every speaker. It is not like Nordost that it works good with some and with others not.