How to improve my old Systemdek?

I have an old Systemndek IIX w rega 300 arm ca 1988 and w a new Ortofon om 10. I have plans to put it in my system again. What improwments do you recommend for around 500$. Rewiring and a better cartridge? How good is this player compared to new budget players around 500$
I would recommend the Origin Live DC motor kit and structural mod to the Rega arm ( for details). Check on prices, you may have enough to rewire the arm too. WELL worth it - several members here have good things to say about the O.L. mods. My LP-12 is DC-driven and there's no looking back! P.S. you should probably get a new belt if you haven't already. Cheers, John
In terms of performance ,your Systemdeck falls in the range just slightly above the Rega Planar3 and below that of the P25, both tables retail for well over the $500 mark.In its day, the Systemdeck competed against the Linn Axis and Manticore Mantra.It is being sold currently in a revised form by Audionote,UK.
I consider the tonearm rewire & cartridge options your best bets. In cartridges, you should consider the Goldring 1022, Roksan Corus Black & Dynavector 10X4II as they are very complimentary to the Systemdeck's strengths.The former are MM designs and the latter, a high output MC.
the systemdek is definitely a nice 'table - spend ~$500 for the o-l tone-arm mod & dc motor/power supply mod, & ya got a hi-quality rig for not much $$$. i got a o-l rb250 & the motor kit for my oracle, & it's great.

good luck, doug s.