How to improve?

Hello, I have the following configuration at this moment
ARC Ref 3, BW802D, Cardas Golden Ref, JC-1's and Lexicon RT10 (mainly in the SA mode).
The system sounds great but.... what can I do to improve? I've listened and compared several digital sources (like Spectral, DCS, Burmester, Wadia and Lindemann,ranging from more affordable to less affordable) but I never got a wow experience (like I got when I put the ARC Ref 3 in my system!) Is this me or have I looked (listened) in the wrong direction?
What is this 'wow' factor you are looking for? What exactly do you feel is missing from your present system sonically speaking? Have you optomized room/speaker interface?

FWIW, my last exposure to the 'WOW factor' occurred this spring when I connected a new Wadia CDP direct to an old tube amp which I had in the closet. WOW! Obviously for me the wow factor only occurred when I went outside of my 'box' and examined some unlikely possibilities.

You may hate this, and I know its all about my tastes, but since you asked, when I look at your equipment I think, ah good stuff, but probably cool and clinical in tone, very detailed but not warm and life like.

IMHO, of course.
Try to audition a MIMITISM cd player - this can just be that WOW factor that you have been looking for...

Cables can sometimes be the thing to replace and lift the veil to a whole new world - check them out sometime aswell.

Also - try to go the VINYL track... this can be the experience that you unconciously have been searching for!

Kind regards,
Dewald Visser
your system is there already....the wow comes in spurts...just like any happiness. go out and buy some new music.
have you compared the digital sources in your own system or at the dealer?

You may want to consider Modding, especially if you really like your current stuff.

I'm currently having my CEC TL51X transport and Musical Fidelity XDAC modded by RAM.

I'll be posting a endgame review soon...Happy Listenting
What I had as a wow experience is probably best explained by my set history. I started with surround. Lexicon + Arcam AV8/P7 with T&A Talis speakers + QED Genesis cabling. First I exchanged the speakers for the B&W with bi-amping the P7 (the B&W needs juice!). Then I changed to the JC-1's. Sounded even better. But.... I exchanged than the AV8 for the ARC Ref 3 + cardas cabling. What happend was that I created a situation where before I was listenig to stereo music but now I was able to move around the performing artist (like anne sofie von otter, maria cantates) complete new experience. But now it looks that the way around is more difficult, sometimes a little amount of "dust"has to be removed. I'm curious what to do next (ps the ref has now 800 hrs on the tubes so that should not be the issue).

What I have done till now is taking the lexicon under my arm and spend listening a lot of music at dealers comparing there prefered digital source in their system with the lexicon exchange as only variable. I was not very much impressed. Favorite music to compare, Von Otter with Handel Maria cantates (Archiv); Vivaldi's Maria Vergine vespers (Opus 111, SACD); Wagner orchestral works 1 , de Waart (exton, SACD);Kraus collection (Rounder records); Kathleen Battle and Wynton Marsalis duets (Sony classical);Perahia Bach Goldberg variations (Sony SACD);Holiday Lady in Satin (Columbia SACD) and Ella and Louis (Verve SACD)
have you listened to ARC Ref CD7 cd player? This may be what you need for a wow factor...and to remove the layer of dust.....although at a price.
If you don't have acoustic treatments in your room your system doesn't sound nearly as good as it can. I mean it's not half of what it probably should be. If you have treated your room you may consider adding a TACT digital equalizer into it or even a Behringer DEQ 2496.

Even in my LEDE room with bass traps the little 300 dollar Behringer has helped immensely.

If you don't have bass traps then your bass has to be muddy and interfering with the midrange clarity. Also modal ringing is no doubt a problem at a minimum of 3 frequencies.