How to implement pc as a Transport. Which route.

I've been reading alot about pc-audio have been lucky enough to get an M-audio Audiophile usb for free. I use this to connect directly to my amp (nad c320bee). It sounds better than my cheapo dvd player. Now I want to get better quality and sound from my pc. But how do I enhance my pc transport capabilities

Now I understand many people are going two routes. Either using a wireless type system like Squeezebox or connecting via a usb connection to usb (wavelength audio brick, M-audiophile etc)directly to power amp.

From what I understand people are going the squeezebox type mainly for convenience and to remove the loud pc out of their listening room. This is a non-issue since I have a coustom made quite pc. I won't say it's dead quite but it very nearly is. I also have my computer pretty much right next to my rig (Totem rainmakers, nad c320bee).

In the set-up I have it seems a little dumb to set-up a network like squeezebox. Although if it sounds good it sounds good. I haven't heard much about it on this board but has anyone heard the modded ones?

For my set-up what should I get to drastically enhance my music? Should I try and get the audiohiple modded or use it as a transport to an outboard dac. If so what should I get if you under a budget (500-1000).

Can you all describe different solution that you have implemented and get your input on pro and cons? Thankyou very much.
First off you will want to rip your CD with EAC to get the best out of you HTPC since playing directly from the CD doesn't sound as good. People will either keep the WAV's or convert to FLAC or some other lossless format. I'm using Plextor's Software to rip directly to FLAC and a Squeezebox 2. I just bought a Squeezebox 3 which has a better powersupply but most people mod their Powersupply or even run off of batteries.

I had a pro model Midiman 410 and the sound was awful out of my PC into my DAC. so if you use an outboard DAC the USB is going to be the better route.

I choose the Squeezbox so that I can use Slimserver and the remote control to (which I converted to my Proto) to control it like a component so that anyone can use it..

I already had a Good DAC (Tact 2.2x and Theta GenVIII) so the squeezebox was an easy upgrade. next I have to get it moded to unlease the true potenial.

I didn't want to try to shield the PC and figure out how to remove ground loop problems in my setup by direct connecting a PC to my stereo.
Good luck and keep us posted

I like the idea of separating from the PC via Squeezebox, that's what I'm going to do. Personally, I will probably forego the mod of the squeezebox and instead put that money into a separate DAC. I don't want to put too much $$$ into a component like the Squeezebox which will likely keep coming out with better versions (color screens, etc).

I heard the Ack Dack 2.0 at a head-fi meet recently and it blew me away. Such nice sound. It charges up and then runs off batteries so it's really quiet.
Head over to for good information on the Squeezebox. Quite a few posts by people who state the sound is superior to transport/dac and expensive t/d at that.
I bought a SB3 and had vinnie do the analog mods.
Sound is unbelievable! I feed the Squeeze analog out to a Plinius superamp 8200P(no pre). The music rivals hi end analog(vinyl) tube systems I have heard.Pure Music!!

some resources on the process.... from ripping to playback. and other resource sites.

Here's another source for mods to the Squeezebox:
IMHO the big breakthrough here is getting away from an electro-mechanical-optical system to a simple hard drive. This one step makes a huge difference even with something as simple as a $150 Waveterminal. The neat little secret is that you don't need to spend big bux to get a first rate source.

SBs are a low cost solution - even with the mods. Whether you opt for the Bolder or the RedWine mods (or others that are sure to follow) they are still in the hundreds - way below a "serious" transport or DAC. What's really cool is that someone who could not hope to be able to purchase this type of gear can now get a better source for less.

After that its audiphoolishness as usual