How to identify a Graham tonearm

I got a Graham tonearm installed on a Basis turntable yesterday in a trade. Having not had one before I'd like to know if there is an easy way to distinguish between the 1.5, 2 and 2.2 versions. Thanks for your reply.
The tonearm is marked on the holder.
Yep, I'm blind. 2.0 Thanks Dudeone.
I got one recently, 1.5 upgraded to 2.2 at factory and Basis 2001. This is a very good combination. I am using an AT 33 EV but I would think a very wide range of cartridges would work. I talked to A.J. recently and he told me he had a personal preference for the older Graham arms over the Phantom. The clamp is worthwhile if yours came without one as mine did; I recently found a used one.
This one came on a Basis Gold Vacuume with a small clamp. It will be a few days before I'll have time to set it up, but I'm please to have it. It's really a trade in that I will pass through, but maybe I can keep it for a while in a second system.
Looking at a Basis table and I have a Graham 2.2. The dealer is pushing a Vector 4 (no surprise!) and he said they'd have to drill an opening in the bottom of the TT to accommodate my Graham. Does that make sense?
You should contact Basis. A.J. Conti is a great guy and will be helpful. If you need to alter your Basis table I would send it to Basis unless he advises otherwise.

I installed a Basis Vector 3 arm on my table and it made a huge improvement. It did not replace an arm like a Graham (which is a great arm) so I cannot speak to that.

Call A.J. And he will help you make a good decision.