How to identify a Celestion SL 700 SE?

In March of 1989, I purchased a pair of Celestion SL 700's from my local audio dealer. I thought they were just terrific, but all my audio pals disagreed - too polite, too refined. Plus, there were complaints about the crossover. It was a speaker that yearned for greatness, but didn't quite make the grade! Well, that chorus of complaints got to me, and I traded them in for ProAc speakers (if I remember correctly - I don't remember which ones.)

The Celestions or, rather, the memory of them have stayed with me all these years. About two years ago,in a fit of nostalgia, I purchased a pair, in very good condition, on eBay. I still think they are terrific speakers (someone once called them "the James Mason" of loudspeakers!) But I have since discovered that there was a Special Edition which came out in 1991, I believe. My question to anyone out there who loves Celestions is: how can you tell if a SL700 is the SE version or the orignal. These speakers have the following serial numbers: 704 354 and 704 359.

Thanks for your help.

Ed Boucher
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The Celestion SL700's are great speakers. The best stand mount speaker I've heard and in my opinion better than the SL600 having made direct comparisons. They are extremely transparent and impart little character onto the signal going through them when driven by a suitable amp. I use a Lyngdorf TDAI2200. The SL700SE variant is externally identical to the SL700. The only way to tell the difference is to unscrew the metal plate covering the woofer. Once removed, unscrew one of the allen bolts holding the woofer to the cabinet. If the woofers alloy frame has a countersunk hole you have a pair of SL700's. If the surface under the bolt head is flat in a slight recess you have SL700SE's. The difference between the two speakers is that the crossovers are different and the woofer in the SE is a longer throw version with better venting to the voice coil. Hope this helps.
I have a pair of SL700s. I use them in a bedroom set-up for music and TV/movies, and I think that they are terrific. I have always assumed that they are the "regular" and not the "SE" version. However, they are set-up for biwiring with binding posts. I think that you will get absolutely accurate information only from the company.
I always remember a demo that compared the SL6 (earlier Celsestion model) with an Acoustat 2+2 and they almost sounded identical!

This six foot tall speaker and mini monitor side by side.

Pretty impressive...
Or try posting on HIFIWIGWAM, a British audio forum.
Hi Ed,

I don't have an answer but I share your appreciation for Celestions. Had the 6 Si's and loved the craftsmanship and precise sound (tweeter was fantastic). Took a bit to drive them though.

I believe Celestion still produces product - how about contacting them?

Good luck, Randy