How to hookup two REL subs to a single 4bsst?

Hello again,

I am going to hookup a second REL ST (one is on the way) and I am a little confused regarding the set up. I'll be brief:

The manual says that two subs should be connected through hi-level Balanced neutrik to a differential amplifier or monoblocks. Sumiko told me to call Bryston to find out whether my 4bsst is differential design, Bryston confirmed that it is not. I don't plan to have monoblocks at this time. Are there any other options? Can the three wires of each sub (red and red, yellow and yellow, black and black) be twisted together and hook them to the amplifier binding post just like it would a single sub?

Any help is very much appreciated.
Thank you
Does the REL have a line level input - you could simply feed it a signal from your pre-amp?

You should be able to feed the two subs the same signal with a Y connector. This will lower the load seen by your pre-amp but not by enough to matter. If you don't like the idea of a Y then you may be able to use a Tape Monitoring/Recording line level out from your preamp and feed one sub the left channel and the other sub the right channel.
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Baam, with my two MJAccoustics subs using a high level Speakon cables (Rel neutrik) all I had to do is have the red and yellow to the red binding post and black to black post. No problems. Do this for each sub cable.
I assume you meant each sub to one amplifier's post...right? That would be stereo.
So, what if I twist together the two red wires from both subs to one post, (and so on with yellow and the blacks) would it work for mono sound?
Thank you very much
Baam, what I suggested is for stereo subs, each sub to one set of binding post. As stated in the Mj user manual for two subs, red and yellow to the same positive (+) binding post, black to the negative (-) binding post. Then do the same for he other sub for the other side. While you are waiting for your subs to come in, check out the cables that you can use via neutrik connection. There are better cables than what you get with the subs.