How to Hook Up Vandersteen 2W Subwoofer

Hi All,

I have a Vandersteen 2W sub that I plan to add to the system listed below--it's a hybrid stereo/HT setup. So far I've been using a powered sub that plugs into the Arcam's sub pre-out RCA jack. The 2W is an entirely different beast though and has the following connections:

regular speaker wire inputs (via banana plugs)
a WX-2 crossover with one set each of RCA ins/outs

The Arcam has tons of connections, including 3 RCAs for subs, but I'm not sure those will be helpful with the 2W. Here's a screenshot of all the Arcam's connections

Ideally I'd like to use the 2W sub for stereo (2.1) and HT (5.1) but I realize that may be impossible. At the least I'd like to use it for HT via the Arcam. Here's my setup. I would very much appreciate any specific advice on:

1. how to connect the 2W and its crossover.
2. which wire/interconnects to use

I have read all the manuals and can't make complete sense out of how they apply to my exact setup. THANKS very much!

Vandersteen 2ceSig IIs (mains; bi-amp/bi-wire capable)
Vandersteen VSM-1 (surrounds)
Vandersteen VCC-1 (center)
Vandersteen 2W (the sub I'm adding now)

Cary SLP-05 (for stereo pre): the Cinema In RCAs go to the Pre Outs on the Arcam

Adcom GFA-555 (for stereo amp): the mains go into the inputs on this; the RCA outputs go into the inputs on the SLP-05

Arcam AVR-600 (for HT/surround): powers the VSMs and VCC-1 surrounds (and I think will power the 2W)
You run this 2W by hooking a pair of speaker wires from your Adcoms speaker binding posts to the 2Ws speaker binding post.
match Red to Red and Black to Black both right and left ch.
Next you need to install the temporary WX-2 crossover with one set each of RCA ins/outs in between the Cary pre amp and Adcom amp at the Adcom’s rca inputs.

with the amp off, adjust the the WX2 Box dip switch settings to one setting down to what the Adcom’s manual says its input imp is for example the 555 mk1 was 22k so you set the WX2 to 10 k ,if you have a Adcom 555 MK 2 it was 100 K so you set WX2 at 50 k.

Then listen with a bass track like Ray brown acoustic bass and see what you hear, adjust level to preference.
go up one or 2 settings as in the manual.
The Arcam will work as well as the Cary hooked up this way.
but in the Arcam set up menu you will need to adjust your front speakers to (Large full range) and redirect the sub out
.1 bass back into the front Right and left speakers.

Once you have the WX2 where you finally like it call a Vandersteen dealer and purchase the better sounding inline fixed X2
which gets rid of the extra set of interconnects and sounds much better.
Don't forget to spike and bubble level the sub and tighten nuts under the 2W
Please let us know if you have any questions
Vandersteen dealer
I was going to comment on this one but you have all the info you need. If there's anyone that knows Vandersteen, its John at Audioconnection. You won't get better advice.
Thank you both very much for the helpful advice. Much appreciated!
Here's a follow-up question: how would you suggest I go about connecting two 2W subs to my system? I'm considering buying a second 2W for stereo subs.

Thank you!
Place the 2WQ where you chose...
if its on the left side of room its now the left channel
if its on the right side of room its now the right channel.
Walk over to your existing sub that has a right and left speaker level wire feeding it.
Leave just one connected while removing the other ch speaker level feed wire connecting it to the other sub.
Make sure both subs are in same phase red/black same as main speakers.
Confirm the left ch amp feed is going to the left sub.
Confirm the Right ch amp feed is going to the right sub.
Spike both subs, bubble level, and snug tighten all lock nuts. Don't forget this part as its important as is the laser tilt back and leveling for your main speakers.
Now re adjust settings to preference and let us know what you experience.
Thanks again Johnny. I really appreciate your helpful advice!
John, what if I have an integrated amp that has no subwoofer connections? Is there any way to use a Vandy 2W with this amplifier?
You would need to ask the manufacture that made the unit if they can support the proper value caps installed
Minus 3 DB at 80 HZ in
between the pre section and amp.
In your case it would seem to take a lot of patience
different time zones, lost in translation phone calls etc.
If you find it a battle.
there are integrated amps that can support the internal High Pass with fine results from companies Rogue Audio, Audio Research, Ayre etc,
and like Vandersteen are also Made in USA
Hi everyone...I need help/advice with my Vandersteen 2W subwoofer (110 volt)...I am from Indonesia and my country use 220 volt...Here is my system :
- JVC XLZ-1050TN CD player (220 volt)
- NAD 1020A pre amp (220 volt)
- Acurus a250 amp (220 volt)
- Vandersteen 2CE speaker
- Vandersteen 2W subwoofer (110 volt)

So how do I hook up the Vandersteen 2W subwoofer (110 volt) into my system ? because as far as I know, 110 volt cannot be plug into 220 volt...Must I use a step down transformer for the subwoofer or should I change all the system(CD player, pre amp, amp) into 110 volt prior to use the subwoofer ? thank you in advance
You're out of luck, or so I believe.
You are going to need a step down transformer to bring the 220 volt current to the subs 110 configuration.
The other equipment doesn't need to be included.
I recall other thread on this issue, so you may want to do a search on Audiogon. If I remember correctly, there a some step down transformers which work better with audio than others.
Perhaps Almarg will see this thread. He give some great advice on things related to this ( as well as other things audio).
Johnny (audioconnection) gave you some information that needs correcting. The Adcom 555 version 1 has an impedance or 100 Kohms, the 555 version 2 has an impedance of 22 K ohms.
The final settings are what you find to be most accurate. (Here Johnny can give you some more specific advice). For me, I find using a setting a bit higher (say, for 100K ohms, a 200K ohm setting) works best. So, if you find the bass lacking, just move a setting down.
Kudos to Johnny R
you IMO should buy that second sub and or filters from him
he is on here near 24/7 helping people

helping people

hpw cool

Way to go gdnrbob 
Thank you for your help Bob(gdnrbob) after I get a step down transformer for the Vandersteen sub then I have to bind paralel the speaker cable of the Vandersteen 2W with the bi-wire speaker cable of the Vandersteen 2CE to be connected to the amp which is 220 volt, right ? and my 220 volt Acurus amp will be okay with it because currently the powered subwoofer has been transformed into 220 volt, right ? thank you very much for your help
Your speaker/subwoofer cables don't care about line voltage.
Only your connected equipment needs to be powered at the respective correct voltage.

So, yes, you will be connecting both the speaker cable and the subwoofer cable to your amplifier outputs.-Either stacking the spades or using a combination of spades and banana plugs (I don't know if your amp binding posts allow for that).
Just follow the directions that Johnny gave you regarding set up of the subs and use the WX-2 to dial in the proper settings. Once done, either get the Vandersteen M5-HP or call Johnny and get the fixed crossovers.
The WX-2 is for determining the correct settings and is not supposed to be used as a permanent crossover. When in doubt, either call/email Johnny or Vandersteen. Of course, we'll always try to help...
Thank you very much Bob (gdnrbob)...I already have the WX-2 crossover and hesitate to upgrade with M5-HP because of the high price, I think I will stick with my fixed WX-2 crossover for now...Thank you again Bob, you have been very helpful
i will have a minty set of the 5 crossovers for sale starting tommorow 
If you know the input impedance of your amp, you can get a quality pair of X-2 crossovers from Vandersteen for about $150.
The WX-2 crossover boxes that come with the Vandy sub have junk capacitors in them. Richard V. told me he gets those caps almost free. The WX-2 is for set-up purposes only.
The best way to go would be to buy the premium 5 crossovers from tomic601 if they are in your price range.
I think the OP has the fixed crossovers, but used the wrong model number.
The M5’s are up for sale...
And, at a nice price, too.
i got a good deal
passed it on
life is good
better with Vandersteen 
tomic601 sorry I missed those!
They come up regularly. Do you need RCA or Balanced?
RCA here needed
Check out Hifi Shark, it has one of the best listings for items for sale.
call Randy at Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica, he almost always has both configuration used at reasonable prices as long term customers move between balanced and SE gear....